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31 Oct 2014

It's Halloween!

A very short, probably pointless post but I guess I should make it look like I haven't upped and abandoned this blog.  But saying that, I best point out that for the next nine months or so my posts are going to be incredibly sporadic.  I'm still writing and reading... ish... but I won't have a lot of updates on them.  Things are moving incredibly slowly at the moment while I take on the insane amount of work a PGCE requires you to do and there is so much to do.  Which bums me out a little because I have had to really put aside writing and reading and that's the whole point of this blog.  So bear with me... I will try and squeeze in random posts.

But anyhoo... it's Halloween! Wahey! One of my favourite nights of the year and while I'm too ill to properly celebrate... it doesn't mean I can't still fill the flat with spooky music. 

If you're writing horror or just want a spooky atmosphere... get these on your playlist. :)

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