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30 Apr 2014

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals.

1) What I'm Reading
Still Cress and also going through a draft to get back into the WiP and refresh my memory of it.

2) What I'm Writing
Second draft of witch project and I've also got an idea for another short story that I want to start writing up while it's still all new and shiny.  I'm using any free time to do more writing than reading and while I desperately need to get through my TBR pile it's been worth it to focus on writing more this year.

3) What Else I've Been Up To
Despite the really nice weather we've been having I haven't taken the opportunity to enjoy it.  Hopefully with bank holiday coming up it'll be nice and there's somewhere to go. 

4) What Inspires Me Right Now
 A writing course I'm taking at the moment has really inspired me, giving me the idea for a new short story involving zombies.  With 2.8 Hours Later coming up in June, I'm going to end up in a zombie film mood very shortly so that should help get into writing about zombies.


  1. The world *definitely* needs more zombie stories :D

    Here's hoping it's a beautiful bank holiday. Have a great week!

    1. Here here to a nice Bank Holiday! I'm appreciating all the sun we've been having for a change! ^^

  2. You sound very motivated to write, Robin, and while it means less reading, if that's where the balance needs to be right now, I wish you every success with your projects. I'm glad the course is inspiring more stories. Speaking of zombies, if you've seen my blog today, you'll know I've added my 2 cents to the genre again (I wrote a zombie story for Z-day last year). :)

    Have a wonderful week! :)

    1. I need to keep remembering that. It's so easy to feel guilty when you're doing more of one thing than the other. Quite a lot of authors tell you it's important to read lots but if you're having a time where the writing is working and you're getting on with it I'd say concentrate on that the most while the motivation is there!

  3. I think you have to seize the motivation you have to write and run with it! At least that's what I would do. I mean, I love reading, but right now I wish I felt more motivated to write. Good for you for embracing that. :-)

    1. That's my thinking. :) The books will always be there on my TBR shelf but writing motivation can come and go.