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10 Mar 2014

Gutsy Endings

It's getting closer and closer to the Divergent film and I can't wait! I love the trilogy and seriously looking forward to seeing everything portrayed.  I don't know about anyone else but I actually keep fangeeking every time I watch the trailer and see all the different colours each faction wears.  At the same time I see other fans getting excited but I also see some who feel the film is going to be ruined purely because of how the trilogy ended.

I'm going to keep this spoiler free but the ending was definitely gutsy.  I know a lot of people didn't like how it finished and that was it was completely unnecessary.  As a result they're not going to enjoy the film knowing what's going to happen.

I don't know if I'm in the minority here but I was actually satisfied with the ending.  I understood why the situation happened, I accepted it, and it finished everything off quite nicely.  If I had been writing the story I would have actually done the same.  Sometimes I don't like to let my characters have everything they want or hoped for.  So it got me thinking about gusty endings.  I know they're not always the popular route but I think now and again there needs to be an author to come along and give people a different type of ending.  Every story would be boring if everything became a fairytale happy ending and all the villains were defeated.  I need a story that comes along and gives me the more bittersweet route if it is necessary to the story.  Every once in a while I like an author to shock me and play with my emotions.

How do you feel about gutsy endings? Any book recommendations?


  1. Without giving away anything, Patrick Ness'... well, every book he's written, actually :P

    Sometimes, you've got to do something other than "they lived happily ever after."

    1. I've heard he's quite gutsy. :) Might have to see how evil an author he is!

  2. YANA--You Are Not Alone... :) Seriously, Robin, I was a little surprised, but perfectly okay with the way ALLEGIANT ended. In fact, I had more issues with the first half of the book than the second (seemed to drag too much for me).

    On the other hand, I'm not that excited about the movie just because... well, see my blog article on movie adaptations. It's wonderful for Veronica Roth, and the fact that she will now be financially secure and able to write full-time. But I don't know that I want the version of the book in my imagination to be tainted by a director's perception. That's just me, though. :)

    1. I get quite excited when I hear a book I like will be turned into a film. I'm surprised I'm still this optimistic actually considering I do get disappointed with adaptations. I like it just because I can see characters come alive and settings, especially if it's a world totally unfamiliar to ours like Panem or Marissa Meyer's futuristic Earth. I get to see my favourite scenes played out. I can't help going fangeek over it.

      However... I will be honest and say I wouldn't have chosen those actors for Tris and Four. Especially the guy. He's way too old for the part and looks it.