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24 Feb 2014

Writer Recharge Update #3

For the whole month of February I'm taking part in Writing Recharge where I'm going to track a writing goal and see how I do.  It's generously hosted by Elodie, Katy, Sarah, Liz, and Alison who will also choose five winners at the end for either a query or three chapter critique.  Sign up on Sarah's blog and keep posting an update every Monday there as well or follow on twitter using the hashtag #WriterRecharge.

My goals:
  • Start planning for April Camp NaNo.  I have a horror short story I'd love to work on.
  • Complete the 2nd Draft of Beast Inside.  Just a few more chapters I need to write and I hope to do this by the end of the month. 
  • Write every day.  Even if it's just a little bit.  I want to be in that habit of taking the time to sit and write.  
So far...
I haven't been planning this week after I made a lot of progress with research notes and a brief idea of how the plot is going to work in terms of my supernatural antagonist.  I'm going to do a brief beginning, middle, end plan.  A couple of character bios and that will pretty much be it for a short story plan this week.

I've finished Chapters 37 and 38.  Yay! The story is basically over now and I've revised everything from my first draft.  All that's left to do really is add in a chapter or two more to really finish off the story.  Have a sort of cool down for the characters instead of ending it abruptly like I did in the first draft.  But pretty much the second draft and revisions are done.  Celebrate Ood style!

I didn't write every day, forcing myself to start knuckling down on maths revision which will have to take complete priority as the days get closer to my exam.  But I wrote about 5/7 days so I wrote for a whole school week at least!

How did you do this week? Don't forget to add your update to Sarah's blog and see how everyone else is doing. :)


  1. Well done, Robin--especially with finishing first draft revisions! I wish you all the best with those last chapters. Good endings are nearly as elusive as good openings, at least in my experience. In the past, I've struggled with coming up with satisfactory conclusions that weren't cliched, and felt *right.* I hope you manage to achieve that this week. Then onto Maths revision... yay... *cough* *cough*... ;)

    1. Whoop... maths... You can tell I'm passionate about the subject. Actually no, it's not too bad. It's interesting teaching myself a subject that has always been a challenge.

  2. Revising is sometimes daunting but looks like you are rocking right along :) good luck with this week!

    1. It feels like it takes ages sometimes! Even when you've already got the draft and just changing a few things in the chapter.

  3. Even though you didn't write every day, it sounds like you still kicked ass. Hope you finish the month off strong!