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27 Jan 2014

Walk The Plank: Space Adventure!

Walk the Plank is a flash fiction challenge organised by the YA Buccaneers.  Each month a theme is set and your goal is to write flash fiction on that theme.

This month's theme is Adventures in Space.  The rules are:
  • The story must be based on the theme.
  • The story has to be 200 words or less.  This is excluding the title.
For an extra challenge:
  • For an extra challenge begin your story with the words: "I never thought I'd see"
  • And end your story with the words: "Hopefully it's not too late!"
  • Use exactly 200 words.
Pirate Legends
I’d never thought I’d see another planet.  Another galaxy.  We’d barely escaped the Nexus with a dent in our docking bay and three of our men left to float lifelessly in the black pit of space.  We’d managed to start hyperspeed before the Empire caught up to us and whoosh! The Nexus disappeared.  Our home galaxy was far away from us now.  I’d never see that red sky on Mallum again.  I wouldn’t look up and see those three large moons in the night, brightly glowing with those gorgeous shades of blue and violet.  

It was all gone.  Couldn’t really call Mallum home anymore.  A planet I was never going to see again.
Maybe I was asking for too much.  I had just pillaged my way through every planet in the Nexus.  Stealing treasures and weapons with Captain Ryce and the crew of the Rose Anne.  Anything we needed for exploring the whole of space and seeing the many wonders and legends we had only heard about in stories. 

One tiny problem… it was all criminal behaviour.  Whoops.  The Empire was a bit angry at us.

Never mind them now.  We had a new galaxy to explore. Legends to see.


  1. Good job, Robin! I like the way you turn it around mid-way so our hero narrator becomes an anti-hero. It's a challenge to set a scene, establish characters, and tell a story in 200 words, but you rose to it. Well done! :)

    1. Thank you. ^^ Quite enjoyed doing something Sci-Fi for a change. Never tried it out.