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31 Dec 2013


That year has gone by quickly. I say that for every year that passes but this particular one seems like it's gone super-quick. I didn't get most of my goals achieved but hey ho. 2014 is just another year to keep working at them. I want to keep writing and reading as I normally do without a deadline or a number goal.  Because I only disappoint myself if I say this is year I get an agent or this is the year I read 50 books and I don't.   So I don't really have any set goals like that. I just want to keep working on the stories I love and stay in love with them. And I want to read amazing stories that take me away from reality for a while.

What I would like to do though is NaNo, whether it's only one or all three of them. I missed participating in NaNo. It keeps me writing and helps me work to a deadline one of these ideas are itching to get out. It does mean I end up with too many first drafts but at least I won't be running out of projects to work on and edits

The best of 2013:

WriteOn Con
Taking part in Ready!Set!Write
Italy, zombies, and ghost hunting, oh my!

Things to look forward to in 2014:

Divergent film
Peter Capaldi as the 12th/13th/new1st Doctor
Doing some more beta-ing for Cole. I'll let you in on a secret... this is an awesome book!
Pancake Day! Sorry, I just love pancakes. And an excuse to eat loads of them.
Going to Strictly Come Dancing Tour with my mum.
Seeing Wicked for the first time ever!

What did you enjoy in 2013? What are you looking forward to in 2014?


  1. Like you, I'm not setting any hard-and-fast goals for 2014, though I do have things I want to accomplish. A really easy one should be getting this novel beta-ready like I was supposed to by the end of 2013... :D I never make getting an agent a goal because, frankly, that's something I can't control. The only thing I can do anything about is my writing. Whether any agent will like my work is out of my hands.

    I'm definitely looking forward to Sherlock, and the new season of Who in the autumn--which seems like a long time to wait, but between now and then, we'll have the costume reveal, previews, and all the other press hype which is both fun and frustrating. :)

    My kids are certainly looking forward to Pancake Day. They don't do Pancake Day here in the US, but our family does. There are few things I make that my whole family like, and British pancakes are one of those few things.

    I do plan to do NaNo this year--though who knows what'll be going on in November, so that's a tentative plan.

    Have a great new year, Robin. I really hope 2014 will be the year you make great progress in your writing, find beta readers, and even maybe an agent, and a publisher! A lot can happen in 12 months. :)

  2. I wish they did the 28 Hours Later thing closer to Brighton. Your post makes it look SO COOL!

    I'm just going to sit here and blush now. I'm so glad you like Space!Story ^_^

  3. I beta read *that* book as well, and ohmygod it was AMAZING. The most fun I've had beta reading in 2013. :D

    I hope 2014 is wonderful for you!