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1 Nov 2013

A Twist on NaNo

I'm not participating in NaNo this year.  I'd love to.  NaNo is the best motivation for me in getting first drafts done.  It's helped to focus on getting those words out and not worrying over what I've written.  But with each NaNo I've done I've got three drafts out of it and instead of building up a pile of drafts I'm going to start focusing on getting them edited and properly finished.

So while I'm not planning to write a novel in 30 days, I'm planning on using the deadline to get the edits of Beast Inside finished and try to start editing another draft.  Then if I think I've gone as far as I can in terms of edits for BI I'll see about hunting for betas and get another person's opinion on it. 

So, the goal:

Finish these round of edits on Beast Inside.

30 days starting.... now!

Are you NaNo-ing or not this year?


  1. No, I'm not NaNo-ing, but this is a great idea for moving your novel along, Robin. If I didn't have other things occupying my November (i.e., my mum being in town), I might do the same. As it is, I'll have to attend to my edits as I can.

    All the best to you this month! :)

    1. Thanks. Sometimes it's nice to be distracted with real life for a bit. You'll come back to your WiP with a fresh mind! :)