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13 Nov 2013

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals and track your progress for Ready. Set. Write!  

1) What I'm Reading

I finished The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irvin which overall I would give two stars to. The story is interesting and I like how it's unknown what really happened to Ichabod Crane. But it's pure narration. You don't get any dialogue. Any proper insight to the characters. There's a lot of telling instead of showing. Now I'm reading Allegiant and I'm 64% done with it so far. I quite like it. Tobias does irritate me a little this time and I have some issue with the two P.O.Vs but I like where it's going so far. Tris is definitely one of my top favourite heroines. She's grown so much in these books and while Tobias continues to put her down (IMO) she's proven many times now that she's more than a sixteen year old girl. She's very mature and has a lot of common sense. Very refreshing to see.

 2) What I'm Writing

I edited a chapter of Beast Inside at the beginning of November but I couldn't get any writing or editing last week because of my wrist. Now and again it plays up and hurts to use so I had to let that rest whenever possible.

 3) What Else I've Been Up To

I spent the beginning of November in London seeing some old high school friends. We haven't been together as a group for six years so it was one hell of a catch up. We're on week two of the new school term and there's already suspicion of Ofsted coming. Eeek! Now that it's November I've already been getting in the Christmas mood. =D I tried out some mince pies which look a whole lot better than last year's shocking attempt. Christmas Cake this weekend! =D I love Christmas baking even though I don't actually it. I love this time of year but I don't like Christmas desserts and treats.  

4) What Inspires Me Right Now

Pete's been busy with Assassin's Creed Black Flag which is all about pirates. He's been playing that non-stop, humming sea shanties and watching Pirates of the Caribbean.  I'm getting all sorts of ideas now.

3 Nov 2013

Packed for the editing cave

I'm off in the editing cave a little while.  I will do a couple of posts now and again but mainly work on getting these edits done and working a bit more on a new blog I started which focuses on another interest of mine, make-up and fashion.  It's something I've wanted to do for a good couple of years now ever since I got into it and started watching beauty and fashion vloggers on youtube.  So if you're interested in that area as well, pop in and say hello! :)

1 Nov 2013

A Twist on NaNo

I'm not participating in NaNo this year.  I'd love to.  NaNo is the best motivation for me in getting first drafts done.  It's helped to focus on getting those words out and not worrying over what I've written.  But with each NaNo I've done I've got three drafts out of it and instead of building up a pile of drafts I'm going to start focusing on getting them edited and properly finished.

So while I'm not planning to write a novel in 30 days, I'm planning on using the deadline to get the edits of Beast Inside finished and try to start editing another draft.  Then if I think I've gone as far as I can in terms of edits for BI I'll see about hunting for betas and get another person's opinion on it. 

So, the goal:

Finish these round of edits on Beast Inside.

30 days starting.... now!

Are you NaNo-ing or not this year?