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15 Oct 2013

Walk the Plank! Halloween Special

I absolutely enjoyed last month's Walk the Plank challenge and when I saw the YA Buccaneers had made this month's flash fiction Halloween-themed I couldn't resist.  Seriously, I'm such an excited kid right now.  Halloween is right around the corner, next month is Bonfire Night, and the month after that it's Christmas.  Celebration heaven!

Walk the Plank is a flash fiction challenge organised by the YA Buccaneers.  Each month a theme is set and your goal is to write flash fiction on that theme.

This month's theme is Ghost Stories.  The rules are:
  • The story must be based on the theme.
  • The story has to be 200 words or less.  This is excluding the title.
For an extra challenge:
  • For an extra challenge begin your story with the words: "It was a cold, Halloween night." 
  • And end your story with the words: "I screamed" 
  • Use exactly 200 words.
The Worst Halloween
It was a cold, Halloween night.  Almost midnight and this was by far the worst Halloween I had ever experienced.  

First, I had taken my little sister around three whole blocks for trick or treating, practically dragging her back home kicking and screaming when it got to eight o’clock.  Then my friend had stood me up.  She was supposed to be driving us to a house party outside of town but here I was, stood on the side of the road, shivering.

Now I stumbled down the dimly lit street.  The world was fuzzy and there were bright flashing lights all around.  I was off home when I got a sharp pain in my side and passed out. When I woke my purse was gone. 

I wandered over to the crowd where the flashing lights were.  I called out to them.  Great.  Totally ignored.  I was in agony here and nobody seemed to give a shit.  


I realised the flashing lights was from an ambulance.  

I noticed the still body.  A young girl with the same costume as mine.  Same hair as well.  Same blue eyes…


I looked down at my side.  I saw the blood.

I screamed.


  1. Yay! Well done, Robin. :) That was a good piece of flash--nice twist at the end. This is fun, isn't it!

    1. I love it! Haha! They actually help to get you in the writing mood as well.

  2. Ooh, very nice switcheroo, there. I enjoyed this!

  3. Ohhh, spooky. Well done! :) Thanks for participating in Walk the Plank challenge!