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28 Oct 2013

The Scariest Thing Tag

I've seen this around a few beauty channels but it's a tag that I think would fit into any type of youtube channel or blog, especially with Halloween just around the corner.  So without further ado...


(Try and imagine lightning striking and creepy music in the background since I don't actually vlog and can't make this effective.)

1. Your scariest real-life experience

I've actually had a couple that really terrified me.  One was when I was in primary school.  Between 8 or 11 and my class went swimming.  Some bloody idiot decided it would be hilarious to push me off a mat and then put said mat over my head, keeping me underwater.  I remember absolutely panicking as I tried to find the edge of the mat and pull myself back up.  I desperately had to breathe and I was freaking out more and more as I couldn't find the edge.  Finally I did but I really wasn't the biggest fan of swimming afterwards.

The second scariest experience I had was in Bradford.  I was with a former friend, her boyfriend and his friend and we were getting heckled by these lads.  The girl's boyfriend decided to be an idiot and shout back at them with insults which prompted them to start chasing us all the way through Bradford.  Luckily we managed to hide in a pub and they ran past.  I don't know what the hell they would have done if they had caught us but I wasn't very impressed with my ex-friend's boyfriend.  I thought it was stupid and really made the situation worse.

2. Your scariest paranormal experience

I'd say that ghost hunt at Thackray Medical Museum was quite spooky at times. I was quite shocked when we were all in a circle and something was tapping loudly on the glass.  There was enough light for us to be able to see if someone was moving to do that but we were all still and nowhere near the glass.  There were no places to hide, it was a very open room, and something was definitely tapping against glass.  Now that was a bit weird.  I wasn't too keen on the breathing on my neck either.

3. Have you ever known anyone convicted of a violent crime.


4. Are you afraid of the dark? Why or why not?

If I'm alone in the house I couldn't have all the lights on.  I have to keep the hallway light on when I go to bed.  I don't like being in pitch dark by myself.  If there are others in the house I'm absolutely fine.  I've always been a bit wary of the dark and my imagination always gets carried away quite frequently. 

5. Does your home town have any scary legends?

Leeds does have it's share of ghosties and legends.  Here's a post I did on one of Leeds' haunted locations: The Leeds City Varieties

6. What's your favourite urban legend?

A lot of people have said Bloody Mary and I'm going to have to go with that.  The origin of the legend varies which as a horror writer is really good for coming up with WiP ideas but I've always been terrified at the thought of Bloody Mary so it's quite an effective story.  I use to have nightmares of her when I was younger after hearing about the legend for the first time.  I've never tried and never will.  I am so superstitious about it. 

I tag all of you for this post so if you fancy doing it, leave a link.  I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with! :)

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