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16 Sep 2013

Walk the Plank: New Voyages!

Walk the Plank is a flash fiction challenge organised by the YA Buccaneers.  Each month a theme is set and your goal is to write flash fiction on that theme.

This month's theme is New Voyages.  The rules are:

  • The story must be based on the theme.
  • The story has to be 250 words or less.  This is excluding the title.

For an extra challenge:

  • For an extra challenge begin your story with the words: "It was the first day of..." 
  • And end your story with the words: "I feel ___ about the next day..." 
  • Use exactly 250 words
Welcome to Teaching

It was the first day of my new job.  I was officially Miss Brookes, Reception class teacher.  Me! A teacher! I was giddy as I saw the first group of new children walking up to the door, ready to present to them their brand new classroom.  A few of the taller ones strode along, big smiles on their faces but one was absolutely teeny.  A wee little thing who clung onto her mum’s hand and hid behind her as they walked, staring up at me with wide eyes.  It didn’t matter how big a smile I had on as I greeted them, she still burst into tears once she came inside.  

“Come on, darling,” I beamed, perching the small child on my hip and allowing her mum to make a quick getaway.  Snot ran down the girl’s face.  Nothing I couldn’t handle and I wiped her nose with a tissue.  

“Let’s have everyone on the carpet,” I said and I sat down in my chair, gently beckoning the wary children over.  They sat at my feet, staring up at me blankly, except for one little lad who jogged over to me with a lovely smile on his face.

“Yes, dear?” I asked when he tapped me on the shoulder.

“My name's Jordan.  And I’m gonna be sick.”

What? He didn’t just say…?

I shrieked as he vomited all over my new blouse and skirt.  Absolutely pouring out of him.

And the little sod was still grinning at me!


  1. So cute! And the ending made me smile. :) Thanks for taking the YA Buccaneers Walk the Plank challenge!

    1. Thanks for hosting it! I'll definitely be trying out some more. :)

  2. Good job, Robin! I didn't expect that ending. Based on experience...? :)

    1. Luckily not my own. This happened on my aunt's first day as a primary school teacher. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that history won't repeat itself although I do plan on specialising in Early Years to Key Stage 1 so we'll see how lucky I am in the future!

  3. What a fun entry! And it does seem like this ending maaay have been based on real life. Very funny! :)

    Congrats on Walking the Plank!

    1. Believe me, working in a school can give you some great ideas for short stories. It is never a dull day in education. ^^

  4. Working with little kids as a children's librarian, I've seen this a time or two. LOL You really can't anticipate with children. :-)

    This was a fun read, and I'm so glad you gave Flash Fiction a try with us this month. I've yet to post my entry, but I'll get there!

    Yay, Robin!

    1. Lol! When I was in Reception I always expected this. It was a guaranteed weekly thing. Poor things haven't developed a good immunity yet. ^^