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15 Sep 2013

Inspirational Settings: Pompeii

During our holiday to Rome, we took a day trip to Pompeii to see the site and explore.  Amazing day,
amazing visit.  From what's left of the former city you can still a good idea of how large this town must have been and what it must have been like before the eruption of Vesuvius. 

With the volcano lurking in the background constantly the site is full of streets with large paving stones.  Before the eruption these stones were used for pedestrians to cross the road without getting their feet dirty or wet because of the sewage around.  I loved that these stones were still here, watching people step across them and re-enacting part of the daily life in Pompeii.

The site is absolutely huge and there was no way to see everything in the three hours we had to walk around.  But we followed the crowds and saw some pretty amazing areas like one of the theatres, Temple of Apollo, and the Forum.  There was one area which was fenced off but you could still see inside.  In there you could see all the artifacts that archaeologists had found and made casts out of.  Vases, altars, statues... tons of them.  The tragic ones however were the casts of the people they had found.  Civilians who were found crouched or curled up into a ball, the same position they would have been in when they died. Everything that was left in Pompeii is a haunting reminder of what has happened but at the same time it's incredible to see and witness in person. 

One of the theatres

Temple of Apollo

The Forum

An old shrine?


  1. Is that the Doctor and Donna on that shrine...? :D

    Great pictures, Robin. Truly an inspiration. Awe-inspiring, and sad, too.

    1. I should have taken a closer look!

      I'd totally go again and see more of it. It's an amazing place.