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15 Aug 2013


Another year has gone by and WriteOnCon has been another success.  Great (online) conferences and great opportunities for people to submit some of their WiPs and get feedback from others.  I've found WriteOnCon to have extremely helpful fellow writers and authors who are willing to take their time, look at your work, and give friendly and constructive critiques. 

My favourite part are the posts by guest speakers.  The insights to writing and getting published, for all markets from PB to NA.  These were the most helpful:

Tuesday 13th August

How Character and Plot Work Together   By Liesl Shurtliff

Idea Factory  By author Natalie Whipple

Creating Voice in Fiction By author Joy Preble

Courage and Kid Lit by literary agent Peter Knapp 

Adding Emotion to your Writing  by author Lenore Applehans

Wednesday 14th August

Surprise, Suspense, and Paramystamance  By author Kimberly Derting

A Day in the Life of a Writer By author Gretchen McNeil (my favourite of the day! Also, eerily familiar!)

Setting the Tone with a Great Query Letter By Tracy Marchini

Did you check out WriteOnCon this year?

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