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3 Jul 2013

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk.  Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals and track your progress for Ready. Set. Write!

1) What I'm Reading

I'm 82% in with The Iron Daughter so still reading that.  Hoping to finish it by the end of this week.

2) What I'm Writing

Overall goal for Ready. Set. Write!: Complete July Camp NaNo to finish off the story I started in April's Camp NaNo and decided to put aside for a bit of a chill out.  Also complete the round of edits I'm doing for Beast Inside.  I'd like the 2nd and 3rd edits which I'm doing back to back to be finished by the end of summer.

Weekly goal for 3/7/2013: Chapter 23 for Beast Inside.


Weekly goal for 10/7/2013: Chapter 24 of Beast Inside and finish Chapter 7 of Consequences.

3) What Else I've Been Up To

Still pretending to be an Assassin on Assassin's Creed.  I just need to stop falling off buildings.  Zumba tonight.  Started watching the third season of The Walking Dead.  And getting prepared for 2.8 Hours Later this weekend.  Three more sleeps! =D

4) What Inspires Me Right Now

Since going to back to work on Consequences I need to keep the inspiration going so I've been recording Most Haunted for ghost hunting inspiration.  To be honest I find the show completely fake and I can't stand it when it's episode from Derek Acorah's time on it but it helps with writing about ghost hunters.  I also have Grave Encounters on in the background when I write.  The perfect film when you're writing about ghosts and investigating. 


  1. Hehe - my husband is SO addicted to Assassin's Creed. Has to have the new one when it comes out. :)

    Good luck with your writing goals! I hope you have a very productive week!

  2. I asked my daughter, and she says she's on Assassin's Creed II and loving it. :) I know next-to-nothing about it, but if you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to pass them on!

    All the best with your goals, Robin. It looks like you're making great progress. :)

    1. Ezio is an awesome character. Very inspiring for a writer. I'm curious to know what she thought of Assassin's Creed I because I was recommended to skip that and go straight for two.

  3. My husband is also very very addicted to Assassin's Creed and it's one of those games I actually enjoy watching him play :-)

    And YAY for THE WALKING DEAD :-)

    Good luck with your writing goals!!!

    1. I'm like that with Pete. Assassin's Creed and The Last of Us are two games that I've been happy to sit and watch as he plays haha. For the latter I've proven very useful as an observer for him, looking out for zombies or enemies.

      DOUBLE YAY! I love The Walking Dead! Been so excited for the third season. =D

  4. Assassin's Creed is so good. <3

    1. I'm really hooked! It's so much fun. ^^

  5. Sounds like you've got a really good handle on your goals - and that you're having fun doing other stuff besides writing, too! Good luck and enjoy the rest of your weekend!