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8 Jul 2013

Experiencing a Zombie Apocalypse...

... Is possibly the most terrifying experience you could have.  Especially this year at 2.8 Hours Later.  Last year some people complained that there weren't any surprises.  Last year you saw the horde, ran and dodged, and moved onto the next survivor.  You can't say the people who organise this don't listen after the tour so far.  They had zombies leaping out from nowhere, hiding and waiting for you to run towards them.  Ones that were on the floor moaning suddenly jumped up and raced towards you, screeching and snarling.

I did pretty well this year.  I was a bit silly and went to the event with a cold so I was feeling absolutely sick at the end of it.  But I've waited a year for this and I wasn't going to let illness stop me.  Proper survivor, I am. =P

Well, can't really say survivor. I was caught at the very last horde and got infected:

Rules to remember when in a zombie apocalypse:

1) If you have the chance, do some stretches.  I absolutely ached yesterday and felt very tempted to borrow my gran's walking stick.

2) Cardio.  It works.

3) If you have the chance to change into suitable wear don't wear denim shorts.  I have a huge red patch on my thigh and that's sore to touch and scratches all across.  Leggings, very baggy shorts or tracksuit bottoms are probably the best.

4) Trainers are the best footwear to have.  Apparently some idiots wore flip flops and heels to 2.8 Hours Later, an event that is 96% running.

5) Don't eat a huge meal before doing all of this running.  I almost paid the price for it yesterday after being tempted for tasty fish and chips.

I managed to get some videos this time and my friend did as well.  Ones where we get chased by a horde so the camera is very shaky and a few where we were being really nice and enjoying watching others get chased. ^^



    Heels? Did you just say people attempted this in heels?! Whoa.

    Hope your body recovers swiftly!

    1. Heels. I know, right? It's a running game and you're wearing heels. Sorry but that is plain stupid.

      They're keeping quiet on information at the moment but there something special happening for London. =D

  2. Looks like you had a really good time, Robin! Thanks for sharing the video. :)

    1. It was so much fun. If the tour had been during the summer holidays I would have also volunteered to be a zombie but it wasn't. :( Hopefully next year.