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26 Jul 2013

Book Review: Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor

Alyss of Wonderland's rules has only just begun, and already those who prefer chaos to peace are threatening to destroy everything worth imagining. Trailed by newly appointed royal bodyguard Homburg Molly, Alyss is doing her best to keep pace with the non-stop demands of being queen while attempting to evade Molly for a few private moments with Dodge.

Alyss' life is a challenging mix of duty, love and tough decisions, and then a series of phantom sightings set fire to an urban myth of Her Imperial Viciousness' return and have everyone...Seeing Redd.

Has Redd somehow freed herself and her chief assassin, The Cat, from the confides of the Heart Crystal? If not, then who has resurrected Redd's brutal foot soldiers the Glass Eyes and set them loose to attack Wonderland on all sides?

Battles rage, looking glasses explode, and the Alyssians once again unite to defend White Imagination in this fast-paced follow-up to the New York Times bestselling The Looking Glass Wars.

If the possibility of Redd coming back is bad enough there is also a new villain bubbling up.  Quite a lot for new Queen Alyss to deal with.  And I have to admire how well she deals with situations.  She's young and inexperienced which she shows and everything is a new challenge for her.  But she keeps going, staying calm and focusing on her important tasks.  There's romance but don't let that worry you.  Alyss has enough to deal with right now so the budding relationship between herself and Dodge doesn't swallow up the whole book.

I'm still hooked on this world that Beddor has created.  It's a creative retelling but it feels like his own creationYou still get a sense of Wonderland that you know and love.  It's still quirky and eccentric, feeling new yet familiar at the same time.  I didn't stop to think once that Beddor was ruining the concept of Wonderland.  

The main action did seem like it was left until the very end with the book slowly building up to the finale.  There was Redd's journey back into Wonderland with the little army that she was creating.  A possible war within Wonderland brewing.  It took a while for everything to come together and that's when it attacked.  That's just a personal preference for me.  I like to see a bit of action in between the calmer bits.  Mix it up a bit to keep you on your toes and time to relax when reading it.

There's a secret which was obvious in book 1 that is revealed in the sequel yet I didn't think it was very well developed.  It felt like a filler sub-plot, not being very developed and there just for the sake of shocking any readers who didn't see it coming.  It wasn't the plot that I was interested in.

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