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20 May 2013

Twists and turns, tears and smiles

Sorry about the little hiatus I've had. I wanted a complete break after the April blogging challenge and just have a bit of time reading and concentrating on other stuff. :)

Recently most of my favourite programmes have all ended for the year. There has been disappointments, satisfaction, and a flood of emotions.  That flood is thanks to the Vampire Diaries and it reminded me why sometimes I do actually enjoy the writing and why that writing can be inspiring.

TVD is my guilty pleasure.  I usually don't do paranormal romance and tbh I'm not a fan of the endless love triangle consisting of Stefan/Elena/Damon.  Girl, just pick a guy, realise you're a lesbian, or just be happy being single.  Choose SOMETHING!

Buuuut, there are aspects of the show that I really enjoy at times.  There can be some great character development, great acting (especially by Nina Dobrev), and interesting plot lines that has taken a series of books and used it to weave it's own plots and worlds.  The programme is by far a LOT better than L.J.Smith's series.  And if a finale like Graduation can have me crying, laughing, gasping in horror, feeling tense, feeling angry... the writing has done it's job, I think.

Graduation started with the ghosts being able to return thanks to the veil (keeping the spirit world and real world separate) dropping.  While favourite loved ones returned to our paranormal-with-only-one-human-left group the veil also allowed others to cross.  Unfortunately those others were ghosts from our characters past that they had a hand in murdering.  Three vampire hunters, two groups of 12 sacrificed witches and hybrids, and one Original.  It almost sounds like a twisted, paranormal version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

So I'm worried for these characters.  These characters who can drive me up the wall sometimes but I care for them.  Not matter how unlikeable the writers make them at times they can still make me care for them and hope they get out of this alive.  Even Rebekah. Damn, those writers make her hate one minute then like and feel sorry for her the next.

That's one of the strengths of these characters the writers have developed. There will be a time when you both hate and like the character whether they are a hero or a villain.  The heroes have their dark days and shady pasts.  They've done terrible things and the writers aren't afraid to delve into that.  And then the villains always have an understandable motive. A miserable past.  Take Rebekah for example. She can be a cow sometimes and was responsible for a death last season and an almost death but then underneath that Original identity she was only a young teenager when she was murdered by her parents and turned into a vampire.  And now she sees teenagers having fun at school with dates and proms, choosing their own paths and careers, starting a family and that's all she wants.  Being a vampire and pretending to blend in just isn't the same.  Choice is really important, especially for Rebekah and if you're deprived of all these different paths you could have because someone else made the choice of who you're going to be for you I'd understand that you'd be a little bit miffed.  Being a vampire isn't for everybody. 

These are very grey characters.  My favourite type. :)

Another thing that the programme loves to do is break my heart.  This show doesn't mind killing off characters.  It's never unnecessary, it keeps the plot moving, and sometimes they're unfortunately my favourite characters.  The awesome do die. :( And then they bring the awesome back because the veil is down and since they're deaths were sudden they have a chance to finally say a proper goodbye.  So when the veil goes back up and they disappear... I'm bawling like a baby.  Worst thing is, they're with the person who they were close to the most when they disappeared so then I see the emotions in their loved ones faces... now I'm wailing. I can't really decide whether it was great to see my favourite dead characters back or not because I had to see them go all over again. 

Now for the twists.  To some these twists will be a bit too much but TVD is always dramatic.  And I thought it worked, especially when it led to one hell of a cliffhanger.  I like these little surprises that the writers come up with because while they make the situation worse for these characters (there's hardly any happy endings for this lot) it means there COULD be a solution.  Another reason to have hope and this group needs a bit of hope to keep going and keep fighting.  And you as the audience have hope too because after all these deaths and disappointment for the characters you want to be optimistic as well that whenever this series ends it'll finally end on a good note for them and for once they'll win.

Are there any programmes you watch where the writing blows your mind and inspires you? :)


  1. I've never seen a single episode of TVD, and it's interesting you find the TV series better than the book(s?). It's usually the other way round (or the books and the TV series are so different, you can't really compare).

    I don't know that any TV programme consistently inspires me. No, not even Doctor Who (though I'm a huge fan of the show). I'm probably more inspired by TV shows on a broader level--the fact they tackled that idea, or that they dealt with this "what-if" scenario--and got away with it. And that can happen with shows I don't otherwise watch or enjoy.

    1. I was never much of a fan of the book series in the first place. They weren't the best of Smith's work. A lot of the flaws in the books weren't an issue in the series.