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30 Apr 2013

Z is for Zombies!

This is my last post in the A-Z blogging challenge.  Thank you to everyone who has read and commented! It's been awesome and I've discovered some awesome new blogs from it! =D

I'm quite new to zombie fiction.  For ages I wouldn't touch anything zombie because I was terrified of them.  But I signed up to 2.8 hours later last year, loved it, and decided that maybe zombie fiction wasn't so bad.  In fact, don't I watch horror because I loved to be scared? That's the whole point.

They still creep me out and I always have a plan in the back of my head in case the zombie apocalypse happened (you have to be prepared for these things) but I enjoy watching them and now I'm slowly collecting a TBR pile of zombie fiction to read.

My top five zombie films?

1) Zombieland

This was actually the perfect zombie film for me to watch first because it was quite comical.  So the humour really calmed me down a bit.  And anything with Woody Harrelson in it is awesome.

 2) The Walking Dead

So after Zombieland it was time to go for the really serious stuff.  I caught an episode of The Walking Dead, found it interesting and decided to catch the first two seasons on BT Vision.  Fantastic.  The characters, their story arcs.  The writers take a group of people with different personalities, even some with more nastier traits and merged them together to create a group of survivors desperate to stay alive in a world completely taken over by the reanimated dead.  It's grim and the writers love to break your heart but it's awesome.

3) Dead Set

Dead Set was a British mini series where the zombie apocalypse breaks out and a group of Big Brother contestants and staff use the house as temporary shelter while the undead slowly surround the studio.  I guess the undead are fans of BB.  And yes, there is also Davina McCall as a zombie. Hilarious!

4) 28 Days Later

Another British zombie flick.  I think we really dig zombies in Britain.  There's some hidden meaning there.  I loved the zombie virus in this or rather the rage virus.  It's so easy to get infected.  A cut, a drop of blood, saliva etc and in seconds you're a raging animal with one prime instinct: kill.  I mean, the whole reason for the title is that in the 28 days since the virus began to spread the world is no more.   These zombies don't procrastinate.

5) Shaun of the Dead

More British zombies! Again, Shaun of the Dead is great for first timers who are a bit nervous of watching a serious zombie flick.  A team of unlikely heroes get together to find shelter and survival as they wake up to what should have been another slow day with the usual stops and jobs to go to but instead they wake up to slow zombies and the world taken over.  I guess this means the pub won't be open?

Anyone else a zombie fan? :)


  1. I would say not really, but as I look at the vids you've listed I actually like almost all of them, so...maybe? lol.

    1. Haha, I wouldn't still say I'm a contemporary romance fan but I really like Kody Keplinger's books and Anna + the French Kiss. ^^

  2. makes reference today to a BBC3 zombie mini-series called "In the Flesh" which, as she says, has an interesting take on zombies. It seems they treat it as a disease (PDS: Partially Deceased Syndrome) for which people can be treated so they can return to normal society.

    I'm still open to recommendations on zombie books. Not that I plan to get into zombie lit--I'm just curious to see what good zombie literature looks like. :)

    1. Ooo I like the sound of that! =D

      Well, I recently read This Is Not A Test which I did like but it's more a character study than a full on zombie novel. Maybe a good place to start?

  3. I loooooooooooooooooove The Walking Dead so much. Shaun of the Dead too. I remember watching 28 Days Later during my A-Levels and loving it too ^_^

    1. I can't believe I would never watch this stuff before. Zombies really did terrify me. Still do haha. ^^

  4. Love Shaun of the Dead; i saw that right when it came out and had no idea who Simon Pegg or Edgar Wright were. :) I've gotten hooked on The Walking Dead too, not expecting to, but they know how to ramp up the drama.

    I still want to read World War Z before the movie comes out.

    1. Love the drama in The Walking Dead. I was hooked, watching as many episodes as possible. ^^