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27 Apr 2013

X is for... X-Men

I've always loved superheroes.  I think part of me would still love to gain those superpowers I wished and wished for as a kid.  X-Men has always been one of my favourites because I loved the idea of humanity evolving and gaining certain powers.

So I always think about what power I'd like if humanity suddenly gained powers.

And then the even sadder part of me thinks about what powers would my characters get?

For some reason I like to know random, trivial bits of information about my characters.  It's not like this would even make the planning notes let alone the actual WiP but whenever I'm taking a break from writing I always end up thinking about my characters and whether they would love this programme I'm watching or what takeaway they would get for the night.

If I use the characters from Lapse and Consequences these would be the superpowers if they got struck by lightning, exposed to radiation etc:

Darren: Definitely mediumship.  His biggest love in life other than journalism is ghost hunting so to be able to see and communicate with the dead would make his hobby ten times better.

Riley: Psychometry.  Riley loves ghost hunting just as much as Darren but she loves knowing a place's or ghost's history.  This power would help her get the past information she craves.

Chelsea: Maybe a flight power.  Whether it's the actually ability to fly or teleportation.  Then she can fly or teleport to all the fashion cities of the world and attend every fashion show without the need to pay for travel.  Perfecto.

Scott: Omniscience.  He may be able to get away with doing barely any revision and still pass exams with flying colours but there's always a possibility that he really will screw up if he continues being cocky like that. 

So if your character suddenly gained a superpower what would it be and why? =D


  1. I have loved X-men for a long time as well. It was a great idea trying to tie in the issues of bigotry with awesome powers.

    Hmm, if Sophia could just snap her fingers and gain a power....I mean the super strength and speed would be awesome, but I think with everything she goes through in Elemental she would probably love some kind of mental powers to know what is going on around her.

    1. I loved the prejudice issues it rose. :)

  2. This is kind of a tough question, but I think my MC would probably gain invisibility. Or at least that would be super helpful to her in the story that I've laid out. :)

    1. I have a character who would love invisibility. But her reasons would be because she just doesn't want to be noticed in every day life. Perfect power for her. :)