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16 Apr 2013

N is for... Nasty

For The Broke and The Bookish blog's weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday's question is:

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What are your top ten villains/criminals/other nasties?

I wanted to dedicate this post to just one bookish nasty.  One character who got me so mad at them I
could have reached into that book and slap them into the next century but also got me worried about them (yet also thinking ha ha serves you right).

I've never been interested in Draco Malfoy as a fictional hottie.  A lot of you probably know by now that bad boys aren't my thing.  But I'm interested in Draco Malfoy as a writer and a reader.  He was by far an intriguing and complex character.

To start out with he's your typical playground bully.  A petty, snarky nasty who loved feeling superior and his villainy was limited to insults and mocking.  Pretty much the bully we all went to school with at some point.  But as the books continued, the characters grew up, and the tone became much darker Draco Malfoy was introduced to people who were a lot more dangerous than him.  All of a sudden he was being bullied by people who didn't threaten to shove his head down a toilet and flush it... they would kill him if he didn't do what he was told.

That's where his character took an interesting turn.  We already knew he was a bit of a coward.  But now he was justifiably terrified because these Death Eaters and Voldermort himself were murderers.  Draco was a total dick but he wasn't an evil person and all of a sudden he was being forced to do evil things.  There we started to see a new layer.  A young boy who did have a little bit of redemption in him.  After all he was hesitant to identify Harry when the trio was captured in Deathly Hallows.

Who is/are your favourite villain/s?


  1. Draco is an interesting character, and a good "villain" study for writers. It seems to me that his desire to appear bad was greater than his desire to actually *be* bad. He liked an audience, he wanted to impress his father, and wanted to stay in good favor with his peers. The typical bully, in other words. Left on his own, or pushed into a corner, he couldn't live up to all his talk. And once he let it show that he was merciful, and really didn't want to be bad--he just wanted power and attention--it shamed him. Which is why I think the series ended with Draco and Harry having a grudging respect for each other, but they'll never be best buddies.

    Good choice for a "Nasty", Robin! :)

    1. Very much a 'talk the talk' kind of person. Whatever he said he always did for a reaction, not just from the person he was bullying but from his friends, wanting them to think he was funny and tough.

      I'm glad that they didn't become the best of friends. I think that would have been very unrealistic considering how much they genuinely disliked each others character.