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17 Mar 2013

Off to Camp?

I'm definitely up for Camp NaNo this year.  The first round starts in three weeks, perfect when I'm starting April in the Easter holidays.  Two whole weeks to write should get me ahead.

I'd love to just wait until April 1st and just start writing something.  Anything.  But I'm not brave enough to pants it 100%.  I have to have notes, even if they're not detailed. 

I'm going for the sequel to Inside the Broom Closet.  It'll be a WiP that I don't have to make characters notes for.  All I need to know is where the story is going since the first story.  A brief beginning, middle, and end. 

Is anyone else participating in April's Camp NaNo?


  1. Look at this new layout! Nice, I like it!

    Yes, I'll try CampNaNo, even though I have a book release, a blog tour, and will be preparing NA Alley for its first anniversary ... we'll see how it goes ;)

  2. Hello, I've been doing some profile snooping and saw yours mentioned The Lost Boys as an interest!! Im a big fan too!! Could you please take a look at my blog ( and maybe even follow? Thanks heaps!
    Love EJ xx

  3. Yep, I'm going to be taking part in April as well. :) Just need to decide on my word count goal.