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25 Mar 2013


Loving: Sims Supernatural.  I’ve recently discovered it and god, I’m addicted to it.  It’s great fun! I have a lot of author Sims which oddly enough help my motivation.  Also loving make-up tutorials on youtube for fictional characters.  There are some incredibly talented people out there! 


Watching: Game of Thrones season 2 and Doctor Who: The Beginning.  We don’t have the channel for Game of Thrones so we have to wait until the DVD comes out.  I also recently purchased a three DVD box set of the first three serials of Doctor Who with William Hartnell and I’ve started watching those.

Thinking about: My new WiP for Camp NaNo.  I want to put Inside the Broom Closet aside so I'm leaving the sequel for now.  This new WiP sticks with ghosts which I love writing about at the moment, is a sequel to Lapse my NaNo 2012 project and involves haunted asylums and my characters' favourite ghost hunting reality show.  Also a bit of found footage homage going on.

Anticipating: Camp NaNo and the Easter Holidays.  Three work days left and then I have two weeks to be very productive.

Wishing: For Spring? Where are you?! England is covered in snow again! =( 

Making me happy: Writing.  The 100k in 100 days challenge will be ending soon in April and I don’t think I’ll reach the target.  But I’m looking back on what I’ve done in the last three months and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.  I’ve finished the first draft of Inside the Broom Closet and I’ve written 30k of edits for Beast Inside.   Still an achievement.


  1. Hooray for new WIPS! I've had two really great ideas pop into my head in the last month, but I've just jotted down some points to get to later. Can't wait!

    I have THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER on my shelf and I really need to get to it! :)

    1. I like it so far. This MC is quite a dark one. :)

  2. What better way to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary than to rediscover the original series from the beginning? I hope you're enjoying those first three episodes. The restoration work that's been done on them, making scratchy film prints look pristine and like the original videotape, is simply magical.

    While not covered in snow, we're still going through a cold/wet spell here. Hopefully warmer weather is just around the corner. I like winter, but it should be over by now. :)

    1. Exactly. :) I plan to get some more. Maybe Tom Baker. Caught his first episode and I can see why a lot of people loved him. Never seen the Doctor so insane looking before. He definitely fitted the role well!

      I've watched the first serial with the cavemen. Love William Hartnell as the Doctor. If people complain about these modern Doctors being too dark they need to watch Mr Hartnell!