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1 Mar 2013

Blog award

Jai from And Then...  has been kind enough to award me the Liebster Award.  Thank you so much, hun!

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator; list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Present the Liebster Award to 11 bloggers, who have blogs with 200 followers or less, whom you feel deserve to be noticed. Leave a comment on the blogs letting the owners know they have been chosen. (No tag backs.)

4. Upload the Liebster Award image to your blog.

1.  If you could have a super power what would it be?
Telekenesis.  I was watching Chronicle the other day and it could actually be a flexible power.  Who says you can't fly with telekenesis?

2.  Coffee or Tea?
Neither.  I've never been a fan of either drinks.

3.  Favorite color?

4.  Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a way of tracking the first NaNo project I took part in and a way of getting in touch with other writers.  I'd just graduated from university and missed being able to discuss projects and get to know fellow writers.
5.  Who was your favorite teacher and why?
It was actually a substitute tutor we had for a while and for drama as well in high school.  Our original tutor was a horrible woman who had her favourites and was rude all of the time.  Most of our drama lessons were spent writing in books which our substitute tutor/drama teacher didn't agree with.  She was a really nice person.  She never got angry and could deal with the troubled students calmly.  Her drama lessons were fun as well.  She loved getting us to improvise scenes and always made sure there was more acting in drama and less writing down the theory.  All of us missed her and hated it when our actual teacher came back.
6.  Who is your favorite author?
Just one????? 
Okay, I'm basing this on terms of how much I've enjoyed their work and also how much they inspire me.  That'll have to be Stephen King.  He's a brilliant writer who can find horror in any situation and exaggerate it into a terrifying tale.  He's dedicated to his craft and ready to share his experiences and advice to aspiring authors.  I'm also inspired with how much work he's put in to writing.  He wasn't a hit straight away but he's kept going and kept finding ways to improve his writing. 
7.  What kind of music do you enjoy?
A variety.  I'll mainly listen to rock from 80s glam metal like Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper to heavy metal like Lordi and Disturbed and punk rock like the Sex Pistols and Green Day.  But then I'll also like New Wave and electronic/pop like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.
8.  Do you have a favorite movie?
Again... just one??? 
I'll have to list a top five: The Lost Boys, Rock of Ages, The Craft, Scream, and Bride Wars.
9.  What would be your dream vacation?
I'd love to go to Greece or New York.  They're the two places I hope to see some day.  Rome was at the top of my list but I'm finally getting to go there this summer.  So one dream almost down, two to go! 
10.  What is your favorite healthy food?
My favourite healthy thing to cook is chicken and sweetcorn bake.  You use chicken soup for it.  Yummy! 
11.  What is your guilty pleasure?
The Vampire Dairies TV show.  I can't help it! I'm hooked.  I love the mythology they're creating and I like how the characters chop and change allies depending on the situation.  I think they explore interesting sides to the characters.
Eleven Random Facts

I think I'll make this eleven random facts related to my writing in general and for WiPs.  I'm never great at listing personal facts about myself.  There's nothing that interesting really.

1) I always seem to base my WiPs in Yorkshire.  Stephen King has Maine... I apparently have a ghoulish Yorkshire.

2)  My first horror stories were very Goosebumps-esque.

3) I love writing about vampires.  The thing that started my love of them was a German television series called The Little Vampire based on the books by Angela Sommer-Bondenburg.  The characters weren't your modern brooding type.  They loved being vampires and had all sorts of strange customs.  I was about 6 or 7 when it came on television and I was obsessed immediately.

4) I'm becoming more of a panster with each WiP.

5)  The characters I used in my NaNo 2012 project were characters from a series I worked on for most of my early teenage life.  It was a terrible series full of cliches and Mary Stus who battled something supernatural in every story and had their share of relationship dramas.  Absolutely appalling.  But I always loved the characters and wanted to keep them.

6) Places always inspire me.  I love visiting new places and creating characters and a story for that location.

7) One of my weaknesses is grammar. 

8)  I always have a playlist for a WiP.  And I love being nosy and listening to other writer's playlists.

9) A couple of the genres I would love to try out in the future are high fantasy and steampunk. 

10) Another habit I have is creating parents who have a pattern to naming their children.  I think it's because I was always surrounded by other families who did have a pattern.  Keanu and Keana are my favourite example. 

11) I'd like to attempt a first person WiP at some point.  First point helps me a lot with voice but because my WiPs so far have focused on a group of characters rather than just one person third is usually better for me.  

I won't pass this onto specific bloggers because I want to share this with everyone, even if you have over 200 followers.  To make the questions book and writing related you're welcome to answer:

1) Do you have any habits in writing? (E.g: Same settings for each WiP, writer character, etc)

2) What genres outside of your comfort zone would you like to have a go at writing for?

3) Anything in writing you think you struggling with and want to improve?

4) Is there a book or an author that inspired you to start writing or start writing for X genre?

5)  What's your current playlist?

6) Any bookish guilty pleasures?

7) Name your favourite character created by another author.

8) Name your favourite character created by YOU.

9) If your book was turned into a film who would you love to see direct it?

10) Any genre you really wouldn't like writing for? 


  1. Oh my - I love Vampire Diaries. My son kept trying to get me to watch it and I thought he was nuts. Once I started I was addicted.

    = )

  2. Cool - I love Yorkshire. And it's interesting that you're becoming more of a panster; I'm becoming more of a plotter with each story (granted, it's not going well, so...) :)

    If my book became a film, I'd like Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) or Catherine Hardwicke (because of Thirteen, not Twilight) to direct.