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4 Feb 2013

Starting Off...

Amy Lukavics' post on cheesy horror for YA Highway got me all nostalgic.  Goosebumps was the first books I bought.  They were the first series I fell in love with and collected religiously.  As a child I thought R.L Stine was the best writer I'd ever known.  He still is but he's now joined by quite a few other authors.

Most of all he was the one who got me writing.  I started writing Goosebumps-esque books with twists and ridiculous horrors.  I never wanted to be a published author until I was thirteen but I've always written stories and R.L. Stine started me off.  They were awful but I was seven/eight at the time of writing so I have an excuse.

When I'd gone through most of the Goosebumps books I started to look for similar series.  Are You Afraid of the Dark? became another favourite with its twisty tales and occasional uncertain fates for some characters.

So that's what I thought I'd ask today about writing.  What set you off as an aspiring writer? Was it something that you just began doing or did something you read or watched inspire you to start?

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  1. Loving the blog's new look!

    For me it was Avocado Baby by John Burningham. We had to "write" the end of it when I was in Year One and I decided there and then I loved writing and wanted to be a writer.