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25 Feb 2013


Loving: Playlists and soundtracks.  I've had Beast Inside's playlists on repeat this half term as I concentrate on editing it.  They've helped keep the motivation and inspiration going.  Another playlist has been keeping me giddy about making some notes for a SNI.  All 80s tunes! And I'm loving the Rock of Ages film soundtrack.  I can't sing to save my life but I've loved cooking dinner or cleaning the kitchen and singing along with these songs at the top of my voice!

Some of the songs I've been loving especially:

Twisted Sister: We're Not Going to Take It

Duran Duran: Wild Boys

Rock of Ages: Don't Stop Believin'

Watching: Misfits season 4 and The Walking Dead season 3.  Absolutely LOVE these two shows.  I've just finished the first two seasons of The Walking Dead and can't wait to catch up on 3! I'm up to the current season of Misfits now but it's not the same with a whole new cast.  I miss the old gang but I do love Rudy.  I'm hooked on both shows at the moment.

Thinking about: PGCE interview on Wednesday.  Another try at getting in! *fingers crossed*

Anticipating: Oz the Great and Powerful.  The film looks fantastic!

Wishing: That Spring would hurry up now.  I'd like some warmer weather.  It's never really mattered to me what season it is.  I like all of them and don't mind winter and snow.  I don't even mind doing playground duty in the cold.  But it's time for a change now and I'm looking forward to Spring and not waking up to pitch black at 6am.

Making me happy: Beast Inside.  The editing is going really well and the story is where I wanted it to be.  I know for sure what I want from it.  Hopefully it'll be time soon to find betas or a CP!



    You really can't go wrong with a bit of Duran Duran ;)

    1. Thank you!

      Haha, they're awesome! That song especially is my favourite.

  2. I hear ya on wishing for Spring to finally get here. I'm so over winter. :/ That's great about the Rock of Ages soundtrack. My husband and I got to see it on Broadway at the start of the month and it was fantastic! I've been meaning to get my hands on the soundtrack because it's so full of awesome 80s music. :)

    1. I'd love to go see the musical on stage. I'm hoping it will still be on in the West End next year. We're planning on making it an 18th birthday surprise for Pete's sister.

  3. All the best with Wednesday's interview, Robin! I'm glad things are going well with editing. My wife would be singing Duran Duran along with you. :)

    1. Thank you. :) Hopefully this little motivation boost means that I'll actually finish it this year!