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17 Feb 2013

A week in the cave...

Originally for my 100k in 100 days writing challenge I was going to finish Inside the Broom Closet and start on a new WiP, hoping to get a lot of first drafts completed this year.  That ended up changing slightly.  I did finish Inside The Broom Closet and started the first chapter of a new WiP but then I had a bit of development in my edits of Beast Inside that got me all excited and having insanely long writing sessions to keep the story going.  So I've ended up doing that.  My second and third edits side by side, one by hand and the other on the computer. 

This week I just want to concentrate on the editing and catching up on that word count.  I also want to get Stephen King's On Writing finished.  For the half term holiday I'll be in the writer's cave and taking a small blogging break to write and read.  I'm up to 12k now in the challenge and I want to see how much more I can write for this week.

Got my snacks, my playlist is on repeat, and I'll see you next Monday with a currently post for the end of the month... again.

Seriously, where are these months going???


  1. First of all, love the new blog look, Robin! Very nice. :) Sounds like things are moving along really well with BEAST INSIDE. Good for you! I really need to get back to my writing too, because time's flying by way too fast.

  2. Well done on the progress you've made, Robin! Enjoy your time in the cave. :)