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9 Jan 2013

RTW - 2013 Writing

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.
This Week's Topic is:
What are your goals for the new year---for reading, writing, or other?
The Broke and The Bookish hosted a similar question for reading so if you're interested my reading goals are linked here.  As for writing there are three things I definitely want finished this year:
1) The edits for Beast Inside.  Even though I probably wouldn't query this project first (it has the v-word in it!) I would like it edited to the best of my ability before I go looking for betas and CPs this year.
2) The first draft of Inside The Broom Closet finished.  I've only got about 20k more left to write.  It's definitely near the end since I decided that the whole plot isn't going fit into one book.  That brings me to...
3) Finish the sequel (untitled at the mo) for the rest of my 100k in 100 days challenge.
4) Start editing Lapse, my NaNo 2012 novel.
5) Decide which projects to use for Camp NaNo and NaNo this year.
On the whole I've planned on doing lots of writing this year. :)
Any writing goals this year? :)


  1. I think if I got to a tenth of your writing goals this year, I'd be well chuffed! I hope you get to these things, Robin, while you have the time and the enthusiasm. When agents and editors start making demands on your time, you'll be grateful for all these projects already underway or completed, I'm sure. :)

  2. Yay for lots of writing!
    Ugh, I was all happy that CampNaNo is going to be in April and July and then I saw my schedule - if all goes well, I'll be editing in April and travelling (to Brazil, to visit my family) in July. Not good =(
    Anyway, I'm sure you'll rock this year!

  3. Wow that is a lot of writing in a year. Good luck with everything!! I have similar goals in terms of finishing projects, editing and hopefully doing a couple of the NaNo's this year.

  4. Good luck with everything! Wow that's a lot of writing. I don't really have any specific writing goals this year, other than to just keep working.

  5. That's a lot of writing! Good for you. :) I would like to do a fair amount of writing this year, as well as querying. Good luck meeting these goals, Robin! :)

  6. Thanks Colin, that's the idea. :) To get as much done while I have more time as a teaching assistant and just a writer. :)

    Aw, sorry that you can't make Camp NaNo. But getting to see family is more important and I hope you have a great trip. Lovely and sunny too! =D

    Laura, thanks. I'll see you at Camp hopefully! =D

    Thanks, Rachael. Hope you're writing goes well for you!

    Ooo, good luck on querying, Jaime. I'm sure that agent is right around the corner. :)

  7. These are great resolutions. Good luck!