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7 Jan 2013

Inspirational Settings: Richmond

On Christmas Eve I got to visit Richmond for the first time and went walking around the town and then down near the old Richmond train station.  It's a market town in North Yorkshire with a rich history.  Its situated on hills and cobbled street with a few well-known brand shops but Richmond has a lot of local shops.

The town has it's own castle, Richmond Castle, that peaks over the circle of shops and market area in the town centre, towering over local businesses and homes.  Unfortunately the castle was closed when I went so I'll have to return there at some point. 

Just outside of Richmond is the old railway station that opened in 1846 and closed in 1968.  As a grade II listed building it luckily has never been torn down and is now known as The Station, home to a cinema with two separate screens, an art gallery, food shops, and a cafe/restaurant. 

Richmond is also home to the local legend of the Drummer Boy. 

Around 200 years ago soldiers discovered an opening to a tunnel under the Keep of Richmond Castle.  They were too large to crawl into so they chose a small drummer boys, lowering him through a narrow crevice into a vault.  He was asked to continue along the passage and beat his drum so the soldiers could hear him and use the sound to track the route of the tunnel.

The drummer boy continued all the way from the castle to the River Swale and heading towards Easby.  But when they reached Easby Wood the drumming stopped.  The boy never returned from the tunnel and nobody ever found out what had happened to him.  In memory of the boy a stone was placed in the spot where the drumming stopped and is called the 'Drummer Boy Stone' by locals.  Today his legend is celebrated in schools where the children march through the town annually.

And legend also claims that on some cold nights you can still hear the faint sound of the drummer boy.

Unfortunately blogger doesn't seem to be giving me the option to upload so for pics and more info here's an online guide


  1. I know that legend! Didn't CBBC do a drama about it waaaaaay back in the day?

    ...I may be revealing my age a bit there :P

  2. I don't think I ever visited Richmond, but it sounds like a great place to spend time. That drummer boy legend gets the imagination churning, that's for sure. Mmm... the story possibilities... :)