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28 Jan 2013


The currently meme has been swimming around bloggers for a while now and I thought it would be a handy little post to do for the end of the month to sum up.

Also... how fast has January flown by? I'm glad though.  January and February aren't the best months for those of us who work in education.  The Christmas hols have been and gone.  There isn't the magic of Christmas all over the classroom.  And with Winter setting in properly these two months are just a drag.

Loving:  My diet.  Okay, honestly it's a complete nightmare having to cut back on a few favourites and dear god I am seriously craving Lucozade (I haven't touched it in two weeks).  But it's been worth it.  I've definitely lost weight around my hips, a pair of size 12 jeans that I couldn't fit into for months feel less tight and I can wear them again, and another pair of jeans are baggy around my thighs.  The only downside to that is the bagginess doesn't look great so I may have to go get a new pair for work now.  I just need to keep up with my exercising and continue being good.  Two things that are really helping me are:

and these leaflets and books from Slimming World which tells you what you can still eat while dieting, what 'syn' you can treat yourself to depending on the options you choose and shows you what tasty things you can replace your everyday syns with.  Both are really helpful with some tasty recipes.


Watching: Misfits season 2 and Angel season 3.  Misfits is quite crude so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who is uncomfortable with swearing and sex references/scenes.  But it's absolutely hilarious and it still amazes me how much I care about these five ASBOs.  They're quite rounded characters with their virtues and flaws.  And oddly enough I even have to like Nathan who to be honest is a complete twat but he takes the seriousness out of situations.  The actor who plays him is brilliant and I'm intrigued to see how Robert Sheehan does as geeky, nice guy Simon in The Mortal Instruments this year.  Simon is such a different character to Nathan.  Angel I'm absolutely loving because the characters of Angel, Cordelia and Wesley all seemed to have improved since Buffy.  Especially Angel.  He still broods but he's definitely more chilled out in Angel than he ever was in Buffy.  He even smiles!

Thinking about: Some SNIs.  One involving supernatural in the 80s and another with British superheroes/vigilantes.  These two ideas won't leave my head. 

Anticipating: Warmer weather.  The complete blanket of snow that appeared on Friday night/Saturday morning completely disappeared the next day.  I'm hoping that's a sign we'll have some warm-ish weather for a bit.  Also anticipating the Jorvik Viking Festival at York this February.  Events are looking good!

Wishing: That I could have more time to write.  I'm now at 59,073 with Inside The Broom Closet.  I'm hoping I can finish this in another 10k words.  The aim is 70K for this WiP.

Making me happy: Finished a chapter in my edits of Beast Inside last week while I was waiting for my driving instructor.  It's lead to a brand new scene that I'm excited to write after work tonight.


  1. I've always had an issue with January. It's like that first bump you've got to get by to really settle into the new year.

    Sounds like you've got some awesome SNIs! :D Good luck writing them!

  2. Oh cool--you're reading ON WRITING!! I hope you're really enjoying it, too. :)

    We've had some feeble efforts at wintery precipitation here, but aside from ice on the mailbox, nothing notable has transpired--just cold winds and freezing temperatures. *sigh*. I'm ready for it to get a little warmer, too. :)

  3. Thanks, Cole ^^ Just got February to get through and then Spring time in March. Looking forward to some nicer weather for playground duty!

    Loving it so far, Colin. Glad I finally prioritised it! I'm really not one to be fussed by changing seasons but after wrapping up all the time it'll be nice for a change.