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21 Jan 2013

Back to the 80s

For Christmas I got Rock of Ages, a musical full of 80s tune which has had me inspired all Christmas.  It got the ideas bubbling, a playlist created and a potential SNI.  If there's anything that I love more than vampires and horror it's the 80s.  In all honesty I should have been an Italian girl living in the 80s.  This is totally the wrong identity for me.

Instead of it being a weekly inspiration it has been almost two months of inspirations and here's a few things for you to get that 80s feel:



Not forgetting the insane, scary fashion.  The bigger the better in the 80s:

 The shoulder pads which have to be one of THE scariest 80s fashion trend.  But if you're writing about the 80s the shoulder pads will have to be mentioned.

Photo credit
Photo credit
That and the hair.  Again, the bigger the better with hair and almost everyone seemed to succeed in adding extra volume to their locks whether they were male or female.

There are tons of 80s inspiration I could find.  Articles, photographs, events.  Part 2 maybe?


  1. The 80s were my teenage years! Can you imagine thinking nothing of these fashions? Yep, when I was a teen, all these scary styles were just what the "kids" were wearing. Girls at school had big hair (some almost rigid with hairspray), and at school discos it was not uncommon to see the colourful clothes, the... um... creative makeup--even on the girls! ;) Oh, and guys wearing jackets with the sleeves turned up (a la Don Johnson/Miami Vice). I didn't go for a lot of that kind of thing (though I did have a cool pair of banana yellow trousers and a thin leather piano tie... I still have the tie, actually). So you can imagine I looked kind of drab and boring in comparison.

    We also had some goth girls in school. Don't forget, this was the era of The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and bands of that nature.

    Do you think you might have been a goth girl, or would you have been one of the Duran Duran fans, with bright pink blush, blue eye shadow, and hair that could withstand a category 5 hurricane? :)

  2. Shoulder pads seem to be back in style. O__O I'm actually stunned by how much of the fashion I'm seeing in shopping malls is very 80s inspired. Some of it really needs to by shoved in a time machine and zapped back to where it came from.

    That being said, there is so much about 80s music to love! Some of it is definitely cheesy (and overly synthesized), but there's some great stuff that I can't get enough of. I think it's fantastic that your SNI would be set in the 80s. So fun! :)

  3. Ooo that's tricky, Colin. See I love Alice Cooper, Guns 'N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica etc. A lot of Classic rock/80s heavy metal. But I do like the bold 80s colours so I may have been the girl with the insanely coloured eyelids and blush. Or maybe mixed the styles and gone for something a bit punky.

    Uber cheesy, Jaime, but so much fun! There's still a huge 80s revival with fashion. Leg warmers have been in for ages and oversized t-shirts. I've bought quite a few of those recently.