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30 Nov 2012

NaNo Update 5: The End

It's the 30th and the last day of NaNoWriMo.  It's been great this year to share with some of my blogging friends (Shout out for Cole, Sara, Laura, Colin, Jaime, and Juliana!) who have all done amazing.  It was really motivating this year to share it with friends and see how everyone else was doing. :)

It was easier to write this year than 2011.  Last year was the first time I ever participated but I had started my job and was just getting used to early mornings and have little time to do anything so I was shattered when the 1st December came around.  This year I'm used to early morning and not enough free time at home.  But this year I started November in the half term holiday which meant I had 4 days of getting well ahead and writing as much as I could. 

Things I learnt:

Daily word count targets of at least 2000 words really helped me to keep me writing going.  I didn't try to push myself into writing tons each day like I did last year.  I wrote more at the weekends and if I could write an extra 1000 or 2000 words on a weekday I did.  But if I didn't I told myself to not get stressed over it.  2000 was my goal and it was always enough to stay on target.

I didn't plot in detail like I did last year.  I had a summary of what would happen and I just went from there.  It felt like the plot moved itself instead of me forcing it to go wherever I wanted it.  Scenes came to me as I wrote and they always fitted in nicely with the plot and events.  It definitely felt easier to write without a detailed plot that I had to follow.

Wrong MC.  There are still a lot of P.O.Vs from Scott who turned out to be a little passive and pushed away from the events that were happening. So I let Darren take the lead in some parts who was quite happy to move the plot and let his curiosity and impulsiveness lead all the characters back to the haunted hotel.  Something Scott would never have done.  But in the end Scott did willingly get involved and I'm liking the two male characters battling for MC status, especially when they're the complete opposite on some things. 

I'm taking it as a good sign if I can creep myself out when writing this WiP.  The hanging ghost scenes made me a little jumpy.  And then there were quite a lot of times when I would pause when writing and the word count would end in 666.  No lie.  =/

Will I NaNo again?

You bet! Camp NaNo and NaNo here I come! Is it too early to start planning what to write next year? I already miss NaNo. ^^

How did your NaNo experience go? Anyone new to it this year?



    I kinda miss it too, but I definitely need a break. I'm looking forward to editing soooo much though! This time, I'm going to try and balance it with writing too though so I don't lose touch.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Robin! :D This year's NaNo was a great experience. I'm so glad that my WIP that has been WIPing around for the last year is now written! Of course, it's by no means finished, but at least I have a story to edit and play with now. Who knows, sometime next year it might become a query-able MS!

    This was my first NaNo. If I don't have family visiting from the UK next November, I'll definitely do it again. For that one, I will want to try going into it with something brand new. A concept, perhaps a basic bullet-point plot, and nothing else. Run with it. See what happens. That might be fun. :)

    Mega huge congrats to you! Now Breathe. Relax. Enjoy Christmas. :)

  3. Congrats! And thanks for the shoutout!
    I ended up receiving two rounds of edits to be done asap during NaNo and couldn't finish it =(
    But I sure will try again, during CampNaNo and next November ;)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! Though, my NaNo total was kind of small this time around. But I beat last year's total, so that's something! Good for you for crossing that 50K line. All of you who won NaNo totally inspired me this month. :)

  5. Awesome you! Way to go and thanks for the shout-out. :) Looks like you learned a lot with this process. And... it got a little creepy. That's pretty cool. See you at Camp NaNo. Maybe we can put together a cabin of awesome writers.

  6. Congrats Robin :D it´s amazing!!! And yay for creeping yourself out...Those scenes must be scary! :D Good luck with revising and all...can´t wait to hear more about your WiP!

  7. Same here, Cole. NaNo gets me in such a writing buzz. I'm hoping to finish off another WiP I did for JuNo. I made the 50k but there will still another 10 or 20k to go. So I'd like to finish that this month. :)

    Colin, your first NaNo was amazing! It helped me in the same way last year. Beast Inside was something that I kept starting and restarting - I was never satisfied. And then I used it for NaNo and it was amazing how much I learnt about writing first drafts and just getting on with things. :)

    Juliana, the edits were important to you so don't feel bad. You started the writing which is an achievement as well. :) Hope to see you at Camp NaNo!

    Jaime, I thought you did great! :) Keep up the writing motivation!

    Sara, sounds like a plan! =D I'm on board for a cabin.

    Thanks Elodie! :) Haha, a tad creepy. I don't envy my characters, that's for sure. =P

  8. Yay! Congratulations! And the things you learned are spectacular as well.

    NaNo went well for me too. Did two collab projects and both hit 50,000 by the end of November. Super, super fun :)

  9. Two projects? Kelley, that's amazing! Congrats on your success! :)