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19 Nov 2012

NaNo Update #3

Word Count: 40.049

Next week's target: 50,000

Last week was a slow writing week.  I could tell I was starting to feel the exhaustion I felt last year when I hit 30k.  I had headaches every day and took hours to write just 2000 words.  Thursday I couldn't write at all because my head was seriously killing me and Friday I only cranked out another 1000.  Saturday was much better.  I rested in the morning and had a nap.  By the evening I had managed to write 4000 words which made up for the lack of writing. 

I'm glad I had that nap and I'm also glad that I just left it on Thursday to rest and again on Friday.  I really struggled to concentrate.  That was a sign telling me to rest.  I was well above the daily target anyway so I knew I could get away with a small rest and enjoy spending some time watching films and reading. 

On YA Highway's Carpool Lane I got a great email on rejuvenating exercises.  One Highwayer suggested to leave the computer and write by hand instead for the evening or day and when you're ready to go back to the computer you have to something to type up.  This was my favourite piece of advice because I'm prone to headaches when I've been working on the computer quite a lot each day.  It happened last year too.  This would give me the chance to keep writing without having a bright computer screen glaring at me and making my head worse.  If you haven't signed up for the Carpool Lane I really recommend it! Even if you're not officially doing NaNo or getting ready to write in a different month the advice and motivation you get is really helpful.

So next week let's see if I can get this WiP finished.  It's a short draft and I do expect to finish once I get to 50,000.  But there's plenty cooking in my head for the editing process to add in. :)

How did the third week go for everyone? Is exhaustion starting to kick in too? What helpful advice have you come across? :)


  1. Nearly there! Hooray! :D

    Writing by hand feels sooooo nice after you've been on a computer for hours :)

  2. Thanks, Cole! It's a nice little break. And it really works. I wrote by hand yesterday morning after work so when I went to write in the afternoon it took less time. :)

    Thanks Juliana! Can't wait to have a nice writing rest afterwards. ^^