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12 Nov 2012

NaNo Update 2

Word Count: 25,029

Next week's target: 40,000

I could make it really easy and have a target of 30,000 by next Monday.  But if I keep to 2000 words a day like I have been doing I'll hit 30k by Wednesday.  40K is more of a challenge.  I've stuck to writing 2000 a day and with a bit more time at weekends I think I can make it.

The story is still flowing nicely and the plot is easily coming to me as I write.  What I did figure out this week was I have the wrong MC.  I won't bother to go back and switch things now.  I can wait until the editing.  But I'm switching when the time comes.

Originally I loved Scott as the MC.  A level-headed, sceptical character who has never believed in ghosts and simply humours Darren and Riley's obsession with ghosts and investigating them.  And then he comes across the haunted hotel and his whole perspective on ghosts and the afterlife completely changes.  He's gaining some curiosity but still he'd rather stay in the background.

That's where my problem lies.  It's out of character for him to suddenly start investigating ghosts.  As far as he's concerned seeing these ghosts for the first time scared the crap out of him and he'd like to keep away.  He's still quite passive.

As for Darren he's a leader.  He actively goes in search of ghosts with Riley and leads the plot.  What happens is a consequence of his decisions and the plot isn't moving him like it does with Scott.  Darren already believes in ghosts but this is the first time he's ever experienced something worthwhile that would be great for his blog.  He really acts impulsive and reckless as a result and this will lead to the climax where he puts all his friends in danger. 

So, sorry Scott but Darren may have to take your place as MC. 

How are your NaNo novels going? Any changes you've realised you'll have to make too?


  1. The main thing I've had to keep telling myself is keep it simple and not get myself tangled up in unnecessary plot twists. I figure NaNo is the bare bones of the story and the editing/rewriting phase will add all the extra bits I'll need.

    Good luck! :D Also, ghost stories ooooh! I'm intrigued!

  2. I agree with Miss Cole. My problem is that I always end up adding too many subplots in an attempt to make things more complex - but then it becomes a huge mess!
    You're doing so well. Good luck!

  3. I'm trying to do the exact same thing. I'm also thinking of stuff I can add it but have to sternly remind myself to save it for editing. I'd never get word counts done messing around with extra scenes and plot twists. :)

  4. My goal right now is to hit 50K before Thanksgiving, which is next Thursday. That will require me being *at least* to 40K by the weekend. Things are going well so far, and I hope they continue to go well! :)

    As for changes... I have a character that's come out of the woodwork to occupy a much more prominent role that I ever anticipated. Not that she's going to take the lead, but she's definitely more than just a background character now. The problem is, there's another character who I had planned as having a major role who's just now beginning to take that position in the story. It will seem strange to suddenly drop the one character in favor of this one, so I have to figure out a way to keep them both in the picture. This problem may be too big to solve for this draft. It may be something I need to work out during the first revision. Or, by the magic of NaNo, it might sort itself out in the next week! Exciting, huh? :)