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1 Nov 2012

NaNo time!

November 1st means it's time for NaNo! =D

I haven't done much in terms of prep this year.  I'm usually filling a notebook of plans and detailed chapter by chapter outlines.  But after doing NaNo last year and then starting the editing on that WiP it slowly became quite different to the first draft I had planned.  As I edited new plots came.  New twists, new directions, new characters etc.  Totally for the better but it meant I had a notebook full of notes that weren't even going to help with the writing anymore.

So this year I just have a summary.  I have my characters all planned like always but I'm trying to stick to a basic summary.  I know in general where the story goes but I'd like to see if it can lead itself as well. 

My goals are also different this year.  Last year I tried to do tons of writing in just a few hours after I came home from work.  I ended up tired, totally ignoring family and Pete, and sometimes feeling like it was a chore.  This year I'm aiming for at least 2000 each day.  If I do more then great.  If I don't, I'm not letting it stress me out. 

I won't be blogging as much this November.  I'll do a Monday update and RTW so I'm not totally abandoning it.  Maybe TTT if I have a great list for the topic.  But I'm ordering myself to take the time to have a blogging break and focus on the writing.  I also need more time to revise for my theory test.  My instructor thinks its time so that's another thing I need to replace blogging with this month.

Right, November 1st.  Fingers at the ready... snacks right by my side...


Fellow NaNo-ers... let's write a novel! =D 


  1. Good luck! :D I'm doing most of my work before work as I work afternoons and evenings. So far, so good!

  2. Sounds exciting! Good luck for NaNo!!!

  3. You made an excellent start today, Robin--well done!! And you're right about trying not to burn out. I know I really want to make the 50K, but more than that, I really want to get this novel written, or close to written by the end of November. But I, too, need to pace myself. I have other responsibilities, and as long as the words keep flowing, I should be fine.

    All the best for the rest of the month! :D