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5 Nov 2012

NaNo - The first five days

Word count:13,228
Next week's target: 20,000 words.

So far it's been going good.  I started November when I was in the middle of my half term holiday the first four days gave me a chance to do as much as I can and get well into the WiP.  Now with work starting I'll have less hours but I'm sticking to a minimum target of 2000 words each day when I get in from work unless I have a driving lesson straight away.  I also need to use the rest of the night to revise for my theory test, which I'm close to booking.  Eeek! The stress alarm is quite close to setting off. 

Still, I can write more at weekends. :)

Do I like what I've written? Meh.  It's okay.  The inner editor already knows what will be changing but the plot's flowing, the story's coming out easily and I'm just happy about that.  That's the main focus.

This year I didn't obsessively plot.  I've been using a notebook to sum up what I wrote for a chapter if I finish it.  I add in any notes about history, setting, character background etc to keep with continuity and write the word count in for that chapter.  So while I have a basic beginning, middle, and end I haven't planned what each chapter will be about.  It's helpful because the insane detailed plan I had for Beast Inside changed so much I had to rewrite the notes due to all the scribbling in and crossing out I'd done.  The plot's changed so much as I edit so this year I've passed on writing tons of notes.

I finally have a song for this WiP.  Usually I have a playlist and there's always at least one song that's inspired the WiP.  For this one... nothing.  I was inspired by the characters who I used to write about when I was a teenager.  They're who brought this WiP to life rather than a song.

But then I heard this:

It fits so perfectly into the WiP.  After Scott (MC) sees a ghost for the first time and is now taking shelter in a haunted hotel he's paranoid.  He's expecting ghosts everywhere.  He think he's being watched by them all the time.  I love the tune as well.  So creepy.
A huge shout out to my NaNo/blogging friends who have also made an amazing start to NaNo! Cheering you guys on all the way! :) Everything looks like it's going brilliantly!
How have the first five days been for everyone? :)


  1. I *love* the idea of summarising chapters. I don't split my work into chapters until the first edit, but I could skip re-reading time by making notes. Thanks for that! :D

    I heard that song on Radio 2 the other day. Good choice ^_^

  2. I haven't plotted as much as I thought I would, but I have a very basic idea of what's going to happen... and, truth be told, I'm taking notes on upcoming chapters as I go along. Not really detailed notes, just a guide to say "this happens... and this happens..." I'm not even keeping very strictly to this. Already I've split one planned chapter into two because a good cliff-hanger-ish type moment happened unexpectedly, and I thought, "that feels like a chapter break." So I threw one in. Isn't NaNo fun?! :D

    And I'm really impressed with how well you're keeping up with your schedule (and doing well beyond the recommended daily amount), Robin! I hope you manage to keep the momentum going even with work starting back up. It doesn't sound like you're short of story ideas. I look forward to seeing your word count exceeding 20,000 by the end of the week. I'll be watching and cheering. :D

  3. Cole, it's been quite handy. :) It's definitely helping by knowing what I've just written and carrying straight on from there.

    Colin, NaNo is great. It's great for helping you to learn how to let the novel steer itself in some ways. Unexpected things always happen and it can help the WiP so much. =D I'm seriously Team NaNo.