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22 Oct 2012

What's Your Horror?

I've always coped well with slashers, vampires, and werewolves. I could watch the most terrifying film about them and not be bothered at all.

But there are a few things I can get jumpy at:

1) Ventriloquist dummies

Never been able to handle them. R.L. Stine is to blame for that one. The idea of these wooden dummies coming to life started a fear that is going to be with me for the rest of my life. 

2) Clowns

When I was three my gran took me to see a clown show at the seaside.  We were there for three minutes before I had burst into tears at the sight of this giggling, masked freak.  Something about clowns just gave me the wig from the beginning.  The one thing that gets me through It is knowing that it's Dr Frank-N-Furter behind that costume. 

3) Mirrors

I've never been comfortable with mirrors either.  My imagination has always seen mirrors as a gateway to another world and you're not the only one that can look through it.  When you stare... what's actually staring back at you? The film Mirrors didn't help when it came out.

4) Ghosts

They terrify me! I don't know what I'd do if I was in a haunted house situation.  Ghosts are unknown and unpredictable.  They can get you from anywhere, be anywhere and if they're powerful enough they can probably harm or interact with you if they're disturbed enough.  The scariest ghost film I've seen was The Woman in Black.  I've never jumped and screamed so much in the cinema.

If a horror book or film includes any of these you're gonna scare the crap out of me.  And if all of these things are involved... I'm going to be rocking back and forth in the corner very quickly.

So what's your horror? What do you need for a film or book to really terrify you? 


  1. "... gave me the wig..."--okay, so I got a little nostalgic when I read that. That phrase sounds like something my friends from Hull would have said. I can even hear a northern accent with it. Thanks for that, Robin. :)

    I can't say anything really scares me, other than the unknown. Sounds pretty vague and "well, duh!" but really, I think most of our fears are related to that, whether it's ghosts, the dark, or querying your novel. It's not knowing what you'll find, what to expect, what will happen... Which is why bravery is not being without fear, but being afraid and doing that thing anyway. :)

  2. I'm nodding so much my neck hurts. Ventriloquist dummies are flipping terrifying! Clowns--not much better. I saw THE WOMAN IN WHITE at a friend's place and then had to come home to an empty house. Yikes. O_O That was a seriously creepy ghost movie!

  3. While I love most puppets (especially the Muppets), I also can't stand ventriloquist dummies. I mean, they're *called* dummmies. I don't like old creepy marionettes either. I saw a play when I was a kid, I think it was Pinocchio in marionettes and I just straight-up hated it. My mom felt bad!

    My husband has strongly suggested that I never see the Paranormal Activity movies because they would scare me too much. They scared him, and he loves horror movies. I think because they are so realistic, not like a slasher flick, but it's just about regular people, that it hits too close to home.

  4. I can take gore but suspense and ghosty things and creepy stalker! I get scared at the adverts for Paranormal Activity 4000 (or whatever number they're up to now). I am also slightly scared of the dark, which doesn't really help anything!