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20 Oct 2012

Weekly Inspirations

A part of my NaNo includes haunted roads, something I've always wanted to write about as well as haunted hotels.  When I've been growing up I've always been back and forth from London to Leeds, travelling up North in the holidays to see family.  When we got closer to Leeds and it was usually dark by then we'd leave the busy motorway and travel into the quieter streets where everything just became silent.  Roads were always quite creepy, especially if you're travelling alone at night.  And there's been quite a lot of haunted road reports.  Ghosts who were killed and appear, phantom hitchhikers, phantom vehicles.  Here's a few for inspiration:

9 Of The World’s Most Haunted Roads

10 Roads That Will Scare You Stupid

Phantom Hitchhikers

Scotland's A75, the Ghost Road
Clinton Road, NJ, USA.



  1. Aaaaaaaawesooooome! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Oooh spooky! And a NaNo that includes haunted roads sounds ever-so-cool. :)

  3. Oooo, creepy! And perfect for the days leading up to Halloween. There was one road in one of the articles that looked like the Headless Horseman could appear at any moment. :)