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6 Oct 2012

Weekly Inspirations

Nothing says spooky like abandoned buildings and old hotels!  Here are some pictures and articles of haunted buildings to get that inspiration going for the perfect horror setting:

Normally, Rebecca Jordan will take all the free TV exposure she can get for the psychiatric hospital that she's turned into a tourist attraction known as the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.
SyFy's Ghost Hunters. Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and Ghost Stories. Discovery's Forgotten Planet. She even hosted an episode of CMT's My Big Redneck Wedding on the 307-acre grounds.
But she drew the line when producers for A&E's Paranormal State called. They didn't want to meet the ghosts behind the two-and-a-half foot thick walls, she says. They wanted to get rid of them.
Creaking floorboards, icy drafts, loud banging noises, the bloodcurdling screams of fellow guests…these are normally the sort of things we’d be straight on the phone to hotel reception to complain about but come 31st October and they’re suddenly selling points, a must for any ghostly getaway.
So if you fancy experiencing a night at a haunted castle - complete with torture chamber and dungeon - or sharing your suite with the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, TravelMail has put together a compendium of haunted hotels from around the world for that extra special Halloween holiday...
Inside the shiny new hospital, a tormented soul stalks the wards and corridors.
Yet this is no ill patient, overworked junior doctor or beleaguered NHS trust executive.
It is a ghost – or so says a leaked memo from a manager.
Several workers at the £334million Royal Hospital in Derby have apparently been scared witless by the apparition, which they describe as a man dressed in black and wearing a cloak, who can walk through walls.


  1. Aaaawesome photos!

    When my friends and I explored an abandoned nursing home last year, it was both super exciting and totally terrifying. We all agreed to not set foot in the basement XD

    Have you ever checked out There are some amazing images on that site.

  2. Great pictures, the perfect setting for a horrow novel indeed. That asylum sounds absolutely terrifying, don't think I could go there LOL.
    How are you enjoying The Near Witch? I read it a couple of months ago and loved it :)

  3. Oh my, Cole, you're brave haha! I'd like to think I could wander into an abandoned hospital but I'd be absolutely shit scared. You'd have to drag me through the doors. XD Thanks for the link, I'll be checking those pics out!

    Laura, I wouldn't take a million pounds to enter that place. You don't want to mess with crazy spirits haha!

    I quite like it. =D The guy's a bit too brooding for me but the Near Witch part of the book is chilling. I love the atmosphere and setting of the novel. It sounds like your old-fashioned fairy tale village. Really fantastical.

  4. Hahah, brave or mad? It's a thin line...

    Here are some photos from the abandoned nursing home, if you're interested!

  5. Ooo thank you! That's gonna get the ideas a-coming! =D