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23 Oct 2012

TTT - Books for Halloween

This week's Top Ten Tuesday wants a list of the top ten perfect books for Halloween.  I think I would have to pick:

1) Ten - Gretchen McNeil
I've got a few more pages to go but wow was this book tense and spooky.  Anyone who loves a good murder mystery thriller will enjoy this book.  Ten teenagers end up lured and stranded on a deserted island with a killer who is either silently stalking them or own of their one...

2) Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake
Tragic victims haunt this book as their murderous and vengeful spirits stay on in the place of their death.  Cas is the male protagonist of the book, dedicated to hunting down ghosts and putting them to rest.  And then Anna comes along.  She's deadly, bloodthirsty and kills anyone who enters her house.

3) Trick or Treat - Richie Tankserley Cusick
Cheesy 90s Point Horror that involves a house with a violent history, a killer who is trapped in the past, and a new girl who is being stalked by someone or something.  And it's set during Halloween!

4) The Woman in Black - Susan Hill
A tense and chilling read.  This unforgiving ghost is quite happy to terrorise the local village, kill children, and terrify the visiting solicitor Arthur Kipps.

5) The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab
While it has a fairy tale-esque narrative the plot of the ghostly Near Witch brings us the horror.  Her story is tragic, her revenge is frightening and deadly.

6) Carrie - Stephen King
A girl who develops telekinetic powers becomes the wrong person to bully.  Carrie is a tragic victim of high school bullies but when she unleashes her powers onto those who wronged her she's a vengeful force with a bloodthirsty mind.

7) Goosebumps Series - R.L. Stine
It's Goosebumps.  Twists, nightmares, fears come true... Goosebumps has everything.  From aliens to ghosts to haunted masks and creepy cameras.  Any book is perfect for Halloween.

8) Terry Deary's True Stories: Monster, Horror, Ghost - Terry Deary
It's a 3 in 1 collection from Terry Deary's non-fiction True Stories series.  Terry Deary lists numerous stories from myths such as Spring Heeled Jack and Loch Ness to real life murders such as Lizzie Borden. 

9) Spooksville: The Evil House - Christopher Pike
The Evil House was one of my favourites in the Spooksville series.  It was set on Halloween where the main characters get trapped in their town's spookiest house and discover a complete community underneath.  And they may be starting to turn into their own costumes...

10) The Island of Dr Moreau - H.G. Wells
A creepy horror on scientific experiments.  There's a horror to what we could be capable of with science and TIoDM takes this step with the antagonist Dr Moreau creating a hybrid species of human and animal.
Come over to The Broke and The Bookish for more Halloween recommendations. :)


  1. I hope you realize, Robin, you are now my go-to person for horror genre books (especially YA horror). I've sent at least one person your way in the last few weeks who was asking about YA horror. :)

    ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD and CARRIE are both books I plan to read soon. Yes, yes, I don't generally read horror, but ANNA has been highly recommended by too many people, and CARRIE was SK's first, so I'm intrigued. :)

  2. Haha, thanks Colin! =D

    I thought Anna really lived up to my expectations based on people's reviews. I try not to let huge hits excite me that much but sometimes I just have a feeling when I'm about to read an awesome book. And Anna was fantastic!

    You end up feeling so sorry for Carrie. She's got an awful life and it never gets any better for her. Her rage is horrific but I found it more sad and tragic to see what all this abuse from her peers and her mother led to.