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9 Oct 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Trends to Lose/Start

For this week's Top Ten Tuesday we can go back and pick a topic that's been done before.  Whether it's for round two or a chance to answer one you've missed this week the choice is up to you.  And fun to see what everyone opts for. :)

For this week I've chosen:

Top Ten Trends To See More/Less Of
Still sticking with the Halloween theme I've made a list of the horror trends that I'd like to see go or more of.
1) The final virginal girl
Yeah, we get it.  If you have sex you will die.  I've never liked that trend because it just sounds like a preachy message for abstinence and I don't like preachy.  Teenagers have sex and they shouldn't feel like it's an immoral act they have to be punished for... by being mutilated by a psycho killer.  Seriously, how horrible is that? I see the whole point of it.  Oh, if they're having sex then there aren't aware of the strange events happening around them and they're totally clueless of any danger surrounding them.  Nuh-uh, this trend can disappear.  It's the 21st century.  Let there be change!
2) The broody vampire
I'm a monster! I'm a monster! Blah, blah, blah! If you hate vampire life so much just grab that stake and end it.  I don't know what has happened to this lot but they've become so much whinier and moodier than their neck slashing ancestors.  Some people have tried to make vampires way too human, basically to the point where I don't see why they bother to make them vampires in the first place.  They're just pale guys with eyeliner round their eyes.  I'm not impressed by these modern day vampires with their souls and human girlfriends.  Vampires are a completely different species.  They are demons that terrified people around the world since the ancient times.  Nightmare stories to make you wary of the dead.  There's nothing human about them. 
3) The serial killer with a 1000 lives
Slashers can be a guilty pleasure of mine.  But they stop terrifying me when the killer comes back from the dead thanks to satanic curses or a bolt of lightning.  Sometimes I like my horror to be something real.  Something that could actually happen.  And once you see these slashers die and come back the scares fade. 
4) Found Footage films
Okay, a couple of them have been alright but we've really had enough of them now.  Just stop it! It's lost all originality.
5) Spooky at night
I get how spooky night can be.  If you're the only one up everything is just silent.  A noise like a creaking floorboard or the heater clicking is amplified and you don't see the logic.  You start to wonder... suspect... panic...
But everything scary always happens at night and I'd like to see a little twist to that.  What about the daytime? The time you're supposed to feel safe turned into the time when you're worst nightmares follow you.
6) Witches
Another thing I don't see much of are witches. Bring them back for some good old fun! Not for their targets of course... 
7) Ghosts
After Anna Dressed in Blood I'd love to see more ghostly tales.  Hauntings, poltergeists... something different for a change.  If there's anything that can scare me it's a ghost.
8) Logical explanation or supernatural phenomenon?
I'd love to see more horror that screws with people's minds. Is it actually happening or can it all be explained?
9) Urban Legends
If you want a horror story idea turn to an urban legend! They are fantastic for setting up the basis for a spooky story.  Hook Man, the killer in the back seat, Bloody Mary... these characters are desperate to be used in something!
10) Folklore
Just like urban legends folklore is a brilliant source for ideas.  Native American, Egyptian, Babylonian etc.  Let some of our ancient beasties and demons make a comeback in a modern day setting. 

What trends would you like to see go or more of? :)


  1. Definitely agree with more witches and ghosts. Awesome list :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  2. I imagine since Harry Potter, it's become harder to do witches. I mean, no-one wants to think of Hermione as an evil crone with a black cat and a cauldron. Perhaps there's something else that can be done with them that avoids the comical stereotype, and doesn't mess with Hermione? :)

    Night seems to be the best "fright" time because it's dark, and the quiet and lack of visibility serves to heighten the senses. Add to that the fear of the unknown--in this case, what you can't see--and you have a great recipe for suspense and horror. I think this applies to most horror villains. However, where it shouldn't apply is to ghosts. After all, ghosts are supposed to be unseen, or able to make themselves visible at will. So it seems reasonable to imagine spooky activity could occur at any time of day. So how about a ghost story where the ghost rests at night and is most active during the day?

    Good Top Ten, Robin! :)

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  4. Oh, I agree, specially about #1 and #2.
    I have an idea that has been on my head for quite some while about witches and ghosts ... I just don't know if I could write horror or suspense, though I would love to.

  5. I agree with so many of these. Basically, I think it's possible to list TWILIGHT ripoffs as its own category and a lot of these would fall under it. I get that people find inspiration in books like this, but it still shouldn't remind me of those books. Bleh. I think your FOLKLORE category would be great. I'd love to see more fairy and folk tales from all different cultures spun in unique new ways. :)

  6. Thanks Tanya! :)

    Good point, Colin. :) I added that from a memory I had of this series I read as a child: Spooksville and I loved the blurb tag: 'not all monsters come out at night!' It was chilling because I expect day time to be the safest time if monsters did exist. But if you can't be safe during the day either then when can you be? *cue dramatic, evil music* ^^

    Juliana, if you have a great story, go for it. I usually write horror and fantasy but I have a contemporary in my head itching to be written. And not a werewolf and ghost in sight! That's never happened before. So go for it. Best way to learn is to do it. :)

    Jaime, it's the same with found footage. One film or book does it and all of a sudden it's everywhere. It just ends up looking so unoriginal and boring because it has everything we've seen before.

  7. Oh, what a fun list you have! The final virgin girl: there really is a book a girl gets mutilated because she had sex? Oh wow. That's bizarre.. I don't like it when books 'preach' these kind of things. There's nothing wrong about sex as long as you both enjoy it :p

    The broody vampire, uuugh, don't get me started.

    I do want more witches and ghosts! :) There ar still some witch books I have to read, but I enjoy them. Urban Legends & Folklore sound great.

    TTT @thedailyprophecy.

  8. Heehee! you quoted Hotel Transylvania. Love it.

    My TTT: