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17 Sep 2012

What's On Your Desk?

I read a few beauty and fashion blogs and now and again they'll have a tag post called 'What's In Your Bag?' and they basically just show what they include, any new or updated make-up etc.  So it gave me the idea of making a 'What's on Your Desk' post for writers. =D

This is currently my corner in the living room:

Right next to my desk all the CDs are stored here and on the bottom shelves I have my research and creative writing books, in good reach for when I'm writing and need to quickly grab a book to double check information.

Most of them are all paranormal/supernatural books.  All about myths and legends.  Lots of folklore. 

 If I could get away with it and had a bigger place I'd probably end up with a library of these books.  I love them and always go rummaging in the mind, body, and spirit section at Waterstones even when I know I should be good and stop adding to the collection.

Underneath my desk I have a TBR shelf where I keep all the books that I haven't and plan on reading, separate from the ones I have read.  Those shelves are pretty much used to cram storage boxes and folders that have tons of junk in and a lot of writing and notes I saved from my creative writing classes at uni.  That small purple box on the left bottom shelf is used as storage for newspaper clippings.

The dining table next to my desk is currently being used to store all my notebooks, all squeezed into a couple of purple magazine holders.  On the actual desk I try to keep it as organised and bare as possible so I have room to scatter all my notes on top of it when I'm writing.  Also so the cat has space to lounge and doesn't spend his time trying to knock off every little thing that I keep on it:


My printer, small storage box for staplers, post it notes, paper clips etc and a lava lamp behind it.  Also tissues because I always either have a cold, hayfever, or a bit of dust is irritating me. *le sigh*

Some writer friends on top of the CD/book shelf:

And a little board to pin stuff on.  Right now it's in much need of updating.  But I keep a variety of things on there.  I usually have a to-do list and some writing quotes to keep me inspired and then a bunch of random things I want to keep safe/don't know where to put it. 

So what's on your writer's desk? And if you don't have one do you have a place where you set up everything? :)


  1. Your desk is so nice and organised! Mine's in a bit of a mess right now ^^;

  2. That's a neat little nook, Robin! :) My desk is sort-of organized. I have a shelf of books above the desk, my laptop/keyboard/mouse on the desk (along with a row of books at the back, and perhaps a book or two--usually the one I'm currently reading--and a notepad sitting next to it), a box of tissues, and a coaster for my tea. The books on my desk are generally theological in nature, though I have a couple of writing reference books to hand. It works for me. :)

  3. Haha, have to keep it organised! Devil Cat would bat whatever I had lying about if I didn't tidy it up! ^^

    Colin, I may need to invest in a shelf above my desk soon. Too many books and I'm running out of space! Eeek!

  4. That´s a very neat idea and I love how your little area is organized, and warm, and inviting to creativity :D
    My space is basically my spot in the train :D And otherwise my couch...
    Again, great post!

  5. I love this idea! I would really like to have a desk, I think I could possibly be so much more productive then (but probably not :P) one day. Instead I write from bed or on the couch LOL.