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10 Sep 2012

Inspirational Settings: Derwentwater and Keswick

Over the summer holidays I also got the chance to visit the Lake District for the first time.  Me, Pete, his parents and a couple of their friends all went up to Derwentwater to have a picnic by the lake and I tried out kayaking for the first time.  We then went to Keswick to wander about the little town and enjoy fish and chips for an early tea.

What a gorgeous place it is! The scenery is absolutely terrific and Keswick is a nice little town, very picturesque and full of tourists.

Derwenter is quite a large lake that's quite popular for sailing, rowing, and kayaking.  Quite the family area.  It'd be a very tranquil setting in a novel.

Also very isolated.  There's a narrow country road right next to it where the odd car drives down but you're surrounded by fells.  So you do feel like you're in a closed in space even though the lake is spacious.  Apart from the families who come down to the lake they're the only people you so if you go on the day where no-one else has thought to come down it's going to feel very deserted.

Up high you can get a terrific view of the whole lake and beyond.  In the middle of Derwentwater you have the best view of the islands that the lake is home to:

A few of the islands include:

Derwent Island House

On this island there is an 18th century Italianate house that is leased as a private house but is open to the public five days a year.

Lord's Island

Lord's Island received it's name from the Earl of Derwentwater who inhabited the the island. The island used to be home to the Earl's house and a drawbridge that was used to cross into the mainland.  Only the foundations are left the house and the stone from it was moved to Keswick and used to make a meeting hall.  Today this is known as Moot Hall in the town of Keswick.

St Herbert's Island (as seen in the photo above)

In the seventh century this island was home to Saint Herbert of Derwent, a priest and hermit who lived on this island.

There is also a spectacular hotel just overlooking Derwentwater called The Lodore Falls Hotel.  It's isolated and almost hidden by the trees and I couldn't help think of The Overlook Hotel from The Shining. (Photo from The Lake District Hotels)

Famous for being a classy and stylish this hotel certainly gave me the creeps.  It just looks incredibly old-fashioned and the area must be absolutely deserted at night.  No-one about.  Just the guests, staff and a huge lake right in front of it.

Near Derwentwater is the town of Keswick.  We parked near the Theatre by the Lake, a huge theatre overlooking the shores of Derwentwater that is filled with tourists, families, and groups of teenagers spending hot summer days by the lake, swimming, rowing or just sunbathing.  Hotels are situated up high to give guests the best view of the lakes and mountains in the horizon.

There's an area in the middle of Keswick that's purely a walking area.  No cars, just people, a square and shops surrounding it all.  Mainly food shops so expect to smell lots of bakery goodies, pubs, and fish and chips.  For desert there are quite a few ice cream parlours to choose from.


And that's Keswick! :) The Lake Districts is a fantastic, beautiful place which I'd recommend visiting. Very inspiring. :)


  1. Great pictures, Robin! Mmm... the smell of a bakery, pubs, and fish & chips... my mind has drifted back to the UK... :)