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26 Aug 2012

Weekly Inspirations

A little change from the usual News to Novels.  Instead of just linking news articles I'm making the post a bit more versatile.  So pretty much summing up anything that I've found quite inspiring but still trying to stick to a theme.

This weekend the Leeds and Reading Festival is finally here and millions have donned the wellies and gathered the beer for the three day music events.  So I've been remembering what it was like back in 2008 when I went to the Leeds festival for the first time.  Songs, pictures, articles are all bringing the memories back. :)

These are pictures from Woodstock which perfectly depict the 60s festival and atmosphere:
(Pictures from the Daily Mail)



Second rape at festival: Police launch patrols at 'family' pop event after girl, 17, is attacked in tent

Raver plummets 20 metres in horrific fall from scaffolding at music festival... and miraculously survives (before attempting to re-join the party)

Reading Festival 2011 (pictures from the Daily Mail)


And to get into that festival mood, you'll need the song everyone was playing when I went to Leeds in 2008.  It became an anthem that year:


Hope these spark a festival-based story! =D


  1. Oh wow, those mud photos ^^;

    Nice idea! Thanks for sharing :D