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7 Aug 2012

TTT - Pimping Out

Today's Top Ten Tuesday wants us to bring the inner pimp out and has asked us:

Top Ten Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of YOU

So the task is to go through all my blog posts and choose the ten posts and reviews that would give you a good impression of who I am as a blogger and a reader:

This was the first post I wrote for Blog Me Maybe that gave topic prompts for Monday to Friday.  On Monday's we were encourage to be more personal and talk about yourself.  So for my first post I rambled on about one thing that defines me as a writer and a reader:  horror and how I came to write for that genre.

This RTW was probably more personal than being about writing or reading.  We were asked to discuss what we would do or did do once we graduated.  And my experience had a lot to do with the adult world.  But if I could relate it to writing I think I could use these life experiences in the future if I was ever to do any NA projects because once high school is over life is only just beginning in my opinion.  There are more coming-of-age experiences to have.  Scarier ones.

My favourite post so far because I was always wary in the past about speaking out and sharing my own opinions in case it caused arguments and drama.  But I received good feedback on this with some great comments as others shared their feelings on the topic.  It was a bit of a rant/discussion on the increasing use of bad guys in YA and why the nice girls always fall for them even when they are treat like crap.  Can't the nice guys ever get the girl?

I chose this review because The Duff is one of the few books that I really felt passionate about and absolutely adored.  I loved the character development and how complex everyone was and I was impressed with how honest Keplinger was when writing about teenage sex ans sexuality.   

5) Zombie News to Novels
A special Zombie News to Novels for the upcoming 2.8 hours later.  This has been my favourite news to novels so far just because I got to search for lots of interesting zombie articles and inspiration/

As well as horror I'm also a big fan of comedy.  I love humour.  So parodies, comedy shows, humour novels... I absolutely adore and as well as horror I'd been thinking that I don't see much parodying or humour in YA either. 

This was a previous Top Ten Tuesday where we had to list our top ten most vivid settings and by far my favourite topic for the feature.  Setting is very important to me in a book.  I love a good location where it just jumps right out from the pages and almost has you believing that it could be real.  So as a reader these are my favourite worlds/towns.

So far Stardust has been one of my biggest disappointment in 2012.  I adored the film but sadly the book did not turn out to be as great.  Especially the ending which doesn't suit the type of reader I am.  I like big, tense endings and Stardust was unfortunately passive.

Another book disappointment.  The Name of The Star sounded like the type of book that would make the horror and Jack the Ripper nut fangirl over.  But it did not live up to the hype and also irritated the British reader in me.  I asked a few questions at the end of the review to get some ideas and opinions on aspects of the book that I didn't like. 

My first review for The Nook. :) And a book that the horror nut in me bowing and worshipping Susan Hill.  This book is exactly why I want to write horror.  The atmosphere... the chills... the creep factor.  I want to be able to convey that just like Susan Hill.

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  1. Great post, Robin! I remember most of the ones you listed there and will need to check the ones I may have missed!
    THE DUFF was really a great book and blurred the line of good/bad guy :D
    Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. I remember a number of these posts, but there were a few I missed the first time around. I especially enjoyed reading "I'm Robin and I Write Horror." How closely do you think we associate the personality of the writer with their genre? Do you think people expect you to be cold and bloodthirsty because you write horror? Whenever I've seen Stephen King interviewed, he always comes across as fairly "normal." Perhaps we fear that horror writers are actually just living out their fantasies on the page... you're not, are you, Robin?? *cold sweat*

  3. Elodie, another reason why I liked The Duff. I wouldn't personally go for Wesley but I do like how Kody Keplinger gave him different layers and relationships like the one with Harrison and his sister. :) Great read and I can't wait for the other two to be available in England!

    Colin, it's something I know I don't tend to do. Assuming a person's character just because of what they write. I think because I'm a writer myself I'll immediately know a horror writer is just as normal as your everyday person. I've always seen horror writers as people with the most vivid and insane imagination with a taste for the macabre. I think as a horror writer you do tend to have a fascination with the terrifying and supernatural. Taking innocent things and twisting them to show a darker side. But they're just a fan of it as their readers are and it's purely entertainment or a representation of their own fears and worries as to what's going on in their own era. Like Gothic novels. The horror in Victorian times was science. Society was changing and all of a sudden things were slowly becoming possible. Frankenstein is a prime example of that. Dracula shows a fear of society being able to travel to unknown countries. Or a fear of what unknown thing could travel to them. I think if people look deeper into the horror genre they'll see it's really just a representation of the horror in the real world and just using their imagination to exaggerate the consequences.

    I probably look like the most unlikely person to write horror sometimes. :) I can be the most girliest person in the world with face masks on, painting my toenails and watching chick flicks. I wear dresses and like getting my glad rags and face on for a night out. And then another night I'll be having a slasher marathon, plotting down the next grisly project in mind and eagerly waiting for Halloween to arrive.