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18 Aug 2012

Test, one, two, three

I was thinking of altering News to Novels slightly.  Normally every week I've searched the internet and come up articles that could inspire novels and stuck to a theme.  But some weeks I've been stuck on what theme I could have and sometimes when I'm searching the newspapers and their websites I find a lot of trash to be honest. 

So I've been wondering about changing the Saturday post and use it to sum up anything I found inspiring or what could be inspiring from news reports, stories, news pictures, photos, and music.  A weekly inspiration sum up kind of feature that isn't just about news reports and includes more things. 

I've been thinking about this for a while now because when I am searching websites sometimes I find articles that I wouldn't get much out of but absolutely love the pictures they're including.  Like these photos recently of Woodstock.  I can research info about Woodstock from books and not need the article but these pictures alone are fantastic and gives me inspiration.

Features are always a worry because you hope that no-one else does something similar so before I just changed the whole post all of sudden I wanted to get people's opinion.  Would this be a feature you'd be interested in reading? Has it already been done and I've missed it?


  1. I love your News to Novels feature, but sharing something you've found inspiring sounds great too! ^_^

  2. Just think it adds a bit more to the feature if I haven't found much in newspapers that week. :) I can rely on photos and music as well which inspire me a lot.

  3. I wouldn't be too concerned if it's already been done. Your readers are interested to see what *you* find interesting, or what inspires *you*. I say go for it, Robin! :)