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22 Aug 2012

RTW - Novel, I Love You!

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.
This Week's Topic is
Inspired by Stephanie Perkins' post on Natalie Whipple's blog, what is your novel's "Love List"?
I love this idea! I definitely agree that when we write there are times when we get so caught up in our fears and what seems like endless drafts.  And we do tend to forget what made us so passionate about our story to begin with whether it's the characters we fell in love with or the genre of the story.  A scene, maybe, that sparked the whole thing or a song. 

For Beast Inside:

Family history.
Town history.
Quiet village.
RPG fans.

I know how difficult this story will be to query.  It's why I can sometimes see Twilight or any other vampire romance and think how unfair it is that they've given vampire fiction a bad reputation.  My WiP isn't even about romance.  It doesn't even exist in Beast Inside which is all about the horror and I know people are going to be put off by it just because of the v-word.  I worry people won't give it a chance and sometimes I can take a step back and think: should I really write this?  

But this list will keep reminding me that I don't care what the taboo is about vampires at the moment.  I started this WiP because I am passionate about vampire horror.  I absolutely adore The Lost Boys, 'Salem's Lot, Near Dark, and Fright Night.  I love their antagonistic vampires who are brutal, murderous, and merciless.  They're the epitome of evil.  They're the monsters lurking in the shadows at night.  Brought back to life and stalking the dark streets, desperate for blood.  Those are the vampires I grew up with. 

I started this because I loved the character of Luca.  The sceptical brother who loses his twin and sees him come back as a violent, hateful monster.  The bromance between Luca, Josh, and Caleb.  Secret, dark family histories of bloodsucking ancestors.  A quiet, picturesque village who was previously plagued by the ghoulish undead. 

I know this is the story I wanted to write.  I'm in love with it and I always will be.  I may have to wait a while but hopefully one day it'll be the time for vampires to change again.  People might want the old horror monsters back someday rather than the romantic poster boys.

What would your love list be? Join in at YA Highway!


  1. I really hope Beast Inside gets on bookshelves soon, I love proper horror vampires! :)

    My personal favorite are Poppy Z Brite's vamps -- very, very vicious, very cruel, very inhuman.

    (And bromance is always a good bonus.)

  2. I have to say, I agree with you about the whole vampire thing. I remember watching the mini-series of Salem's Lot (starring David Soul) back in the late 70s/early 80s. Yes, I was barely in double-digits, but I enjoyed good, scary movies. :) Anyway, *that's* what vampires are supposed to be--evil, scary monsters.

    Like I told you during WriteOnCon, I don't usually read horror, but I'd read your novel. I think you've got an interesting premise. And right now, vampires may not be the most appealing thing to agents and publishers, but that's not a hard-and-fast rule. And things can change between now and when you publish. :)

  3. I love the original 'Salem's Lot! Super creepy. The remake stuck to the book more but you got to love the original just for the creepy factor!

    I guess it's something you just have to take the risk with. :) There's only one way to tell whether or not vampires are on everyone's no-no list at the mo. :) Thanks, Colin!

  4. I also agree with the vampire thing, and I do love me some vamps.
    A few days ago someone tweeted that vampires, werewolves and love triangles had been spoiled by Twilight's popularity. (I'm forgetting another one the girl mentioned). And I agree. It's a shame.
    Like me. I have this great idea for a witches manuscript, but I keep pushing it back because witches haven been overdone ... still, it isn't as bad as vampire. *hugs*
    But I'm glad you're sticking with it and writing what you love!

  5. Folklore and town history really appeal to me.
    And I'd love to see vampires return to nefariousness.
    Great list!

  6. I read your query on WriteOnCon, so I'm already intrigued and feel like I know what some of these things on your list refer to. Your story sounds great, and maybe it will be the one to redeem the whole vampire thing! :)

  7. Like Rebecca Folklore and town history really grab me and scary vampires? YES! :D
    Oh and I know how you feel with the endless drafts...:P
    Great list, Robin!

  8. I think trying something new can be scary, but it is something people might like. My story steps a bit out of the norm for a fantasy novel and I sometimes wonder if people will be able to forget Game of Thrones or LotR for a moment to enjoy something fresh and new. Good luck!

  9. Juliana, witches are already overdone? You gotta be kidding me, that's what's my other WiP is all about! Oy. :(

    Rebecca, thanks! :)

    Jaime, I hope I get the chance to do that! :) *fingers crossed* It's icky seeing vampires as romantic icons. They're dead! It's gross! *shudders*

    Elodie, endless drafts are terrible haha! But at least you know you're doing your best to polish it up! :)

    Natasha, you're right. Everything's a risk whether it's a trend or not a trend at the moment. You worry if it's too much like everything else or so brand new that it won't interest people much. Comparing books will always happen unfortunately. Even Twilight was compared to Harry Potter when they were completely different things. But hopefully people will still love the things that makes your novel unique from the other. :)

  10. You know, I'm totally over vampires but that's mostly because it's the same story over and over: Vampire who refuses to eat humans falls for a human but must try hard not to eat him/her. I'd totally read a vampire novel in which vampires are the villains—the actual villains. Vampire horror is one of the things I've been really missing during the whole vamp overdose in YA lit.

  11. I think there's still a market and interest in vampire stories of that flavor (just look at 'Supernatural'. That show redefined bromance). So keep positive! If you write a book reminiscent of 'The Lost Boys', I'll definitely read it.

  12. Vampire, Horror, Bromance. Love it. Thanks for sharing. :D

  13. Stay true to your passion and your belief in your story. Keep making lists. Keep loving your work. It will happen.

  14. Tracey, MsFairyFreak and Nicki, thank you! It's nice to know vampire horror could still be of interest! Keeps me optimistic rather than worrying! =D

    Sara, great words of advice! I think this RTW has been brilliant in reminding everyone why they were so passionate about writing their WiP in the first place. :)