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15 Aug 2012

RTW - A Different Kind of Sport

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.
This Week's Topic is: In honour of the end of the Olympics, share your favourite sports book!
Hmm, tricky one this week.  I've never read any sports books.  It's not really my type of thing.  But I've decided to have a little bit of fun with sports.
I've been wondering... what would our favourite mythological creatures take part in if there was, say, a MYTHOLYMPICS?
Team Lycan 2012
WEREWOLVES (picture from Game of Werewolves)
Unfortunately a short and limited event as we wait for the full moon to arrive.  But these speedy beasts could put greyhounds and hounds into retirement as they take over dog racing and fox hunting.  And with the racing you're also welcome to gamble.  I'd also advise not to get too close to them... unless you're hoping to take part next time.
Like werewolves our events are only limited to night-time.  Also, we would advise ticker holders to come wearing garlic around them and carry religious symbols.  Stakes will be provided on location in case of the odd mishap but all competitors are fed before the games start.
These undead bloodsuckers have a variety of talents that have enabled them to compete in a few events this year.  We are very pleased to see Team Bite return for the judo.  With their speed and convenient athletic/martial art skills one inherits when turned they have been the champions of the men's and women's gymnastics for centuries.  We have a few competitors in the sprints, long jump, and high jump this year as well.
A Liminal Being and female champion It's Greek Confusing have their eyes on the gold.
CENTAURS (Picture from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Team Hybrid return to win gold in the equestrian events.  Golden Boy A Liminal Being will be competing in the Mytholympics for the fourth time and hopes to get the gold on top of his win at The Grand Greek National.
This year the lovely girls of Team Siren are back for the synchronised swimming.  Ticket holders are asked to have earplugs in during the event and don't go anywhere near the pool at all times.  After their silver success last time, just missing out to Team Undine, they hope to win the gold this year. 
Any more ideas for the ones I've got up now? What other mythological beasties could take part?


  1. Love this! I'm not big into sports either, but I could totally be down with a Mytholympics. Maybe add in some Cyclopes? Dragons? Oh yes, the dragon events would be awesome!

  2. LOL great post!
    Yes, I agree with janealfalor: add dragons! =P

  3. Where can I get tickets?! Great post - very creative! I couldn't think of a sports-related book, either.

  4. Great idea, Robin! Perhaps mummies and zombies could compete in some kind of foot-race? Ooo... perhaps add humans (not real ones, of course) as obstacles. :)