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22 Jul 2012

Zombie News to Novels #25

On Wednesday I'm taking part in 2.8 hours later.  It's a UK tour event where you take part in zombie chase, basically a LARP, and you're put into a group where you have to around the city you're taking part in moving from location to location to track down survivors and find the HQ.   Now and again zombies will be chasing after you and if you're caught you're marked.  At the end of the chase it's decided whether or not you're infected and you get covered in zombie make-up.  It sounds like a lot of fun and I hope to video some of it for the blog if videos are allowed. :)

So this weekend I've been tracking down zombie articles, videos, and pictures for a Zombie Special News to Novels. 

A drug-fuelled rampage led a man to attack several people and chase around a neighbour while growling like an animal - before he brutally killed and ate a dog.
Cops arrived at a home in Waco, Texas, on June 14 after a man called 911 to report a man living in his house that was 'going crazy.'
Police said that Michael Terron Daniel told his housemates that he was 'on a bad trip' after taking the synthetic drug K-2 and began attacking them.
The zombie survival 'Google Map' that will help you find food and guns after the undead apocalypse
It's well known horror film fact that when a zombie apocalypse arrives, those who want to see off the army of the undead need a variety of supplies to survive.
Nearby medical care, weapons and nutrition are the key concerns for anyone hoping to successfully avoid being feasted on by rampant zombie legions.
Now, should any remaining humans be overcome by confusion or panic during the zombie invasion, a unique world map has been created detailing all the key locations people need to survive.

British dealers are supplying America with the drug behind wave of horrific cannibal attacks feared to be 'zombie apocalypse'
The drug being blamed for a spate of cannibal attacks in the U.S. is entering the country from the UK.
Horrific assaults in which users of a substance known as 'bath salts' have eaten victims' flesh have given rise to speculation that America is in the throes of a 'zombie apocalypse'.
Getting hold of the drug via the internet can be shockingly easy, requiring just a few clicks of the mouse and no proof of age, a U.S. news channel discovered.

Guns, gas masks and war bunkers: The families who live in fear of the apocalypse
Post-apocalyptic worlds may exist on the big screen and in sci-fi novels, but that's where the similarities between a disaster-ravaged planet and daily life in America end.
Or so you may think.
A new TLC show introduces us to the families who live in fear of the apocalypse, convinced by the inevitability of the end of the world as they know it.

Centers for Disease Control issue official guidelines to prepare for the world being taken over by... zombies
The next time a decaying corpse approaches you in the street, you'll know what to do.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal agency, has posted guidance telling people what to do in a ‘zombie apocalypse’ - and they don’t advise shooting the walking dead.

A light-hearted blog post by the organisation said U.S. citizens should prepare an emergency kit and then look for a zombie-free refugee camp.

The Science of Zombies
Perhaps because they were easier to control and kill, zombies never acquired the cachet of their undead cousins, the vampires. This phenomenon extended to science: zombie research was considered a less glamorous field and consistently lagged behind vampire research in funding. Since development of the vaccine in 1911, the zombie threat has been greatly reduced. However, this should not make us complacent. Most experts believe that in today's world, a zombie outbreak is far more likely than a vampire outbreak

 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

This one is random but I just love the idea:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That macro is GENIUS! And 2.8 Hours Later sounds AMAZING! I'm so jealous! Tell us EVERYTHING!

    The article about the families preparing for an apocolypse is so interesting! Hmmm, something is sparking in my brain!

    Awesome links! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay I have to say I this post brightened my day and made me laugh. I'm just saying I've watched enough movies that I might be able to survive for a while if I picked my team well. I know my behind would die if it was in a run for your life situation...I have a tendency to trip and fall just saying I know my weaknesses. So I would need to make sure I was super smart about it.

  3. Oooo, creepy! I don't know if I could participate in that LARP. I saw an episode of Bones that seems like a morphing of two of these things you've mentioned: a zombie LARP and the use of hard drugs like bath salts that caused weird cannibalistic behaviour. Urgh! Freaky. I'd be so worried somebody was actually going to try and eat me. :D

  4. Cole, I'll hopefull try and show everything! Lots of people have filmed this so I'll give it a shot. As long as the group I'm put in will be okay with it.

    Eve, I hope I could survive a bit longer than the ones who get caught first. What I really need is a car and then I'd feel like I have a good chance of escaping fast.

    Jaime, I hope it's not as creepy as it sounds. The zombies look like they do have fun and show it but it's going into all the empty shopping centres and parking lots that I'm a little nervous about. But so excited too! =D

  5. Has anyone written a zombie story that starts out as a zombie LARP, until some of the participants realize not everyone is Role Playing...? I'm not into zombie lit, so I don't know if this has been done. Sounds to me like an interesting premise for someone to run with. I doubt I would write it, so if it hasn't been done, and someone wants to take the idea--feel free! :)

  6. The idea's been brewing in my mind for a while now. :) I haven't read much zombie lit either so I'd need to do some research but I think it would be an awesome plotline. Maybe I can use those Alice in Zombieland characters for something else now. :) Still disappointed that my Alice in Zombieland idea has already been written. :(