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3 Jul 2012

TTT: If You Like This Author...

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. A fantastic way to add to your ever growing TBR pile and be introduced to new authors and books. This week's topic:

Top Ten Books For People Who Like X Author (pick an author and give recommendations)

The author I'm going to pick is Terry Pratchett and theme is parody and humour.

Terry Pratchett, as you know, is the king of witty humour and parodying basically everything in life. He spoofs literature, films, religion, mythology. Anything. His Discworld books always make a mockery of something and twisting it around whether it is with different texts at once or a bunch of folk lore that he is making fun of. There are only seven other comic novels that I've read so I might cheat and list 3 films as extras that parody lovers may enjoy.

The seven books:

1) Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
I found the writing style quite similar to Pratchett.  The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy is the first in the trilogy of five books and you're introduced to some weird and wonderful comical characters including Zaphod Beeblebrox, an irresponsible alien with wild plans that I'm not convinced he plans properly, Marvin the depressed robot, and a couple of very sinister mice.

2) William Goldman: The Princess Bride
The film doesn't show it too well but in the book you can see how much Goldman takes the piss out of things.  If you're not keen on the incredibly beautiful heroine, don't worry.  We're shown just how much of an idiot she really is.  Someone ought to teach her that the word isn't 'syllabub'.  It's syllable, dear.

3) Seth Grahame-Smith: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
The plot shouldn't appear comical as it's about a tragic fictional Lincoln as he battles vampires and goes on the path towards his presidency.  But come on, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? The premise alone is hilarious and this is the same guy who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies so I'm assuming it's in the same category.

4) Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
Don't be fooled.  This classic is actually pure genius and hilarious.  If you look past the arguing and dramatic relationship of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy you can actually see that Austen is taking one look society and thinking what a load of bollocks it really is and mocking it. 

5) Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat
It starts with three men acting like complete hypochondriacs, thinking they have every illness under the sun.  These three are absolutely silly characters who go on a ridiculous trip and narrate quite a lot of humorous accounts.  Now, these last four books were ones I had to read in my 19th Century module and we studied comedy.  Classics aren't for everybody but I really do have to recommend these four.  I did really enjoy them because at the end of the day these characters aren't ones to laugh with.  You laugh at them.

6) George and Weedon Grossmith: Diary of a Nobody
This novel is basically the same as number five. This book has a narrator who would like to think he is someone important, witty, fashionable, and intelligent.  He's not.  He embarrasses his son with his fashion sense, can silence a whole room with his poor attempt at jokes, and has no clue of how ridiculous he can be.  He's absolutely unaware that people laugh at him.

7) Gilbert and Sullivan: HMS Pinafore
This is actually an opera rather than a novel but you can still read it.  This opera frequently makes fun of social class with some of the characters even making jokes about themselves and how ridiculous they can act:
I always voted at my party's call,
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all.
I thought so little, they rewarded me
By making me the Ruler of the Queen's Navee!
And the three films:

Galaxy Quest

Scary Movie


  1. I totally agree with you on PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. The opening line itself lets you know pretty quick that she's being facetious. Great list of reads, by the way. :)

  2. How about Jasper Fforde's THE EYRE AFFAIR--and, I presume the whole Thursday Next series (I've only read the first of these)? I think his style is very Pratchettesque. :)

  3. I actually haven't read any of Jasper Frorde's books! I only found out them last week - I think it was on someone's RTW. But I've just bought one of his novels that I plan to read. He's coming to Leeds in a couple of weeks so I want to go see him and read at least one of his books before then.

    Thanks Jaime! :) I'm not big on classics but I think everyone should give P&P a chance. Even if you ignore the romance, it's quite a funny read.

  4. Oh I loved the Hitchhiker's Guide and The Princess Bride! I'm glad those were your top two :)