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9 Jul 2012

So, That JuNo WiP...

I wanted to get a couple of book reviews before I wrote a sum up of JuNoWriMo.  Well, like NaNo I'm absolutely exhausted by it but I reached the target.  However, I did not finish it.  I am seriously still in the middle at 50K which has already got me deciding on what will need to be changed in the edits.

But overall how did it go?

It was nice to be writing something different.  I love Beast Inside but I was getting a little bit distracted and itching to focus on something new.  And I am actually quite glad of these writing months.  It's a good motivation for me.  I was planning on participating in August's Camp NaNo but I think I want to focus on finishing Inside the Broom Closet and editing Beast Inside otherwise I'm going to be pushing myself too muchThat and I want to enjoy my summer.  I want to take the time to get out and enjoy free time before work starts in September.  So I cancelled August but I will do November if these two WiPs are finished with. 

Any cons?

Not really.  I didn't find it hard to balance writing, blogging, and work like I did last year in November.  I think now that I was settled in and been working at the school for quite a few months I was better at sorting my time out.  I could easily get into a routine with work and blogging.  I have a posting schedule sorted out properly now so any days where I wasn't posting were just used for extra writing time.  In the mornings before work I got all my chores done so I didn't have to worry about them in the afternoon.
How has the WiP gone so far?

I like it.  I really do.  There's stuff to edit but this one has flowed a lot more naturally than BI.  While I've been writing plots and sub-plots have come to me and the story has taken different turns for the better and overall I'm pleased.  I'm pleased with the characters and their storylines.  I like where the story is heading.  Inside the Broom Closet is quite different from Beast Inside because it's been very character driven.  It's all about the characters, their histories, and how it is affecting their present.  In Beast Inside, it's more about the situation and the monsters that are surrounding the characters and how they deal with it and are ruined by it.  I love both WiPs and I like how different they seem to be in terms of focus.  It kind of makes me confident that I'm not just writing the same thing over and over again, which is something I worry about a lot. 

Also, the characters themselves have been easier to plan and develop since the WiP became more character driven.  I know them well while I'm still developing Caleb, Joshua, and Ricci from BI now and again.  But with Hannah, Brandon, Connor, Tess, and Ashley I knew them well from the start and since then they've developed even more along with the new plots.  I'm less critical about them and the WiP than I was with Beast Inside

This time around it's been a better draft and I'm more confident with this than Beast Inside.

It's just the ending I'm worried about.  I seem to have a never ending WiP here...


  1. Congratulations on passing the 50,000 word mark, Robin! The thought that the final work might be twice as long certainly would stir my inner editor, but I would encourage you to stomp on her hands and tell her to go away! I realized one of the things that has been stalling me on my WIP is my inner editor saying "You need to go back and fix that," or "That's not a strong enough motivation--you need to stop and think about that more before you go on..." NO!! I know what needs fixing in my WIP, but none of it is core to the plot. What I need to do is finish this first draft, and THEN go back and fix the problems. Otherwise, I'll be working on this for years! :)

  2. Inner editor is something I've had a lot of trouble with in the past years. It's always stopped me from finishing a WiP or being confident enough to share in my writing classes at uni. That's why JuNo and NaNo really help me. It's a tough deadline but it helps me focus on the word target rather than how badly written the first draft is. It's been a lifesaver for helping me block out the inner editor. :)

  3. My biggest stumbling block in the past has been my urge to go back and edit before I have a finished draft. It's part of the reason I hand write scenes - so I can write that thing I want to change without slowing my forward progress.

    And as for never ending... that just makes the journey more exciting ;)

  4. Yay, congrats for completing it! I didn't manage to because I got diverted editing for an R&R - but even if I hadn't I don't think I would've managed 50,000 words. Well done :)